Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Photo Organizing -Pt 3 Organizing Loose Photos and Photo Packages

If you're just tuning in, I have been devoting this entire week to organizing photos. 

Here is the schedule for the entire week: (You can click on the day of the week to see previous posts.)
Organizing digital photos from your camera to your computer using some sort of photo software. I will be using iphoto but there are tons of other options available.      

Backing up your photos from your computer, why it's so important, and how/where to store your back up.
Organizing loose photos and photo packages.

Creating gallery walls and displays for those special photos.

Creating and displaying photo books and (drumroll)  A GIVEAWAY!!!!

So let's get started with today's topic: organizing loose photos and photo packages. Obviously there are many ways of doing this and it is purely a matter of opinion as to which way is best. I recently helped a friend/client organize her photos and we decided photo boxes would probably work best because she likes to scrapbook and would like to access her photos with ease. So we grouped her photos by category--either by vacation place, event (such as wedding), or person (we assigned each family member a color).

 You can also put them into easy-fill albums to make it easy to flip through and reminisce. 
 One thing that I did for my oldest that I am now happy I did was fill these mini albums with the left over photos from her first year. (I made a 1st year scrapbook but had pics to spare). 
 More often than not, I will find these little books in her bed because she LOVES to look through them and see herself as a baby. I now wish I would have bought two of these album sets because I am having a hard time locating them and my youngest would love it as well. If anyone knows where I could find one, I'd love to know. :)

 As far as professional portrait packages, I love using accordion files or file boxes. This is one I used for my friend's family portrait packages. I decided labeling each section by year would probably be easiest. And because she gets multiple packages a year, I used manilla folders as subdividers. I was able to label all the way to 2022 so it gives LOTS of room to grow.
 This is what I used for her boys' portrait packages. As I mentioned earlier, each family member was assigned a color.
 This one is labeled by age rather than year-starting from hospital pics and beyond.
 It's also a great place to store yearly school pics and sports pics as well.

The really large photos we assigned each a cardboard tube (for lack of a better word) and rolled them up inside. I made sure to label the back of each picture with the year and age of the child.

 And because she wanted easy access for scrapbooking, I found these large canvas bins (again color coded and large enough to fit 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and albums) to house everything she wants to eventually put in the scrapbook.

Stay tuned tomorrow when we move from simply storing our photos to displaying them in gallery walls and other photo displays. And remember, friday is my 


that has to do with everything we've been talking about this week.

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