Thursday, August 9, 2012

Photo Organizing -Pt 4 Creating Wall Galleries and Photo Displays

If this is your fist time tuning in, I'm continuing to talk about different ways to organize your photos this entire week. 

Here is the schedule for the entire week: (You can click on the day of the week to see previous posts.)
Organizing digital photos from your camera to your computer using some sort of photo software. I will be using iphoto but there are tons of other options available.      

Backing up your photos from your computer, why it's so important, and how/where to store your back up.
Organizing loose photos and photo packages.

Creating gallery walls and displays for those special photos.

Creating and displaying photo books and (drumroll)  A GIVEAWAY!!!!

So today, as promised I am discussing how to display your photos. Below is an example of a gallery wall (you may have seen in our home tour) I put together at the top of our stairs.

 I wish I would have taken pictures of the process but I didn't.
 So I'll have to just explain what I did.

I knew I had a large span of wall I wanted to cover. So, I decided to use a mix of large and small frames as well as a few other little trinkets as well as some shelving.
I mostly used what I had but I stuck with black and white for my frames and accessories. I have also seen this done well with frames that are all the same color or even just the mats inside the frames being the same color. Black and white photos can also give your wall display a cohesive (and timeless) look. Pottery Barn is a place I often go for inspiration. They always have the greatest photo displays. Their magazines are chock-full of fun ideas.   
These silhouettes I made of the kids a year or so ago. I'm wanting to do them again one of these days because, as you may have noticed, my girls have WAY more hair than that now. When I do I'll be sure and post about it. Love these frames and what they represent. :)

 I then started playing with arrangements on the floor. Once I was happy with my arrangement, I traced each frame onto a roll of cheap wrapping paper. (I numbered each frame and paper frame so that I knew what belonged to what.)
Then I started to recreate my arrangement on the wall using the new paper frames starting in the middle and working my way out on both sides.
Then, piece by piece I started to hang my frames. This process really helped me with my spacing because I could simply move over my paper if needed, rather than have a bunch of unused nail holes all over my walls. (Been there. Done that.)

Like I said I forgot to take pictures of this so I found someone who did (here). This is by far the easiest way I have found to hang pictures.
Take painters (or masking) tape and stretch it from hole to hole. I usually take a nail and poke into the tape where each should go. Then place your tape on the wall, use a level if necessary (I usually eye-ball) and nail right into the holes through the tape. Once your nails are in, just rip off the tape. So much easier than measuring.

 Another display I have in my home is our Family Tree. I wish I knew what shop I bought this vinyl tree from but I don't. I got it off of Etsy though and there are lots of options out there. I already had the brown shelves so I decided to use them as my branches to hold some of my frames.

The top branch holds Ryan and I's parents. The shelf to the left are our siblings and their families. We are in the middle. And our kids are hanging from ribbon on the right. I love this because I can change out the pictures as I get new ones from family (kids school pics, etc.) and it is a great focal point because you can see it as you walk in the front door.

Here are a few more creative photo displays I found after scouring Pinterest a bit. If you'd like to take a look at a lot of the other fun stuff I've found go here. :)

Hope you're left with some ideas! Come back tomorrow for the last day on organizing photos, creating and displaying photo books, and


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  1. What awesome ideas! We would love to invite you to join us on Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes! I know my readers would love your awesome ideas! Have a great weekend!
    Mackenzie :)

    1. Thanks so much Mackenzie! I have checked out your blog before and love it! In fact, I am a new follower. I will try and link up next week. Feel free to sign up for my giveaway going on all week as well!




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