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ITV Plc made some forays into new channels and businesses in the late 1990s. ONdigital – one of the UK’s first digital terrestrial broadcasters – launched in November 1998 and was jointly owned by Carlton Communications and the Granada Media Group. It was rebranded as ITV Digital on 11 July 2001, along with an expensive campaign. In the end however it was the purchasing cost of the TV rights to the Football League in order to launch the ITV Sport Channel – also in July 2001 – which proved to be broadcaster’s downfall, in May 2002. The service’s successor of sorts became what is now Freeview.

The ITN News Channel (later the ITV News Channel) ran from 1 August 2000 and 23 December 2005. Please visit our ITV News Channel section for coverage.

ITV Digital

March 2002 Promo

Millionaire Interactive Promo 1
Featuring Johnny Vegas and the knitted monkey character

Millionaire Interactive Promo 2

Dicovery Channel Promo

ITV Sport Channel

Coventry City v Wolves

Stockport County v Norwich City

ITV Select

ITV Select was a pay-per-view channel rebranded from OnRequest in July 2001. The station closed a week before ITV Digital collapsed in 2002.


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