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Brio ice cream is richly delicious, surprisingly nutritious and better for you, made with healthy organic whole milk (pasture-raised) and offering more protein, probiotics, antioxidants and omega 3s than other super premium ice cream brands, with half the fat, 40% fewer calories and 20% less sugar.
Brio Loves You Back, Brio Ice Cream, Nutritious, healthy, better-for-you ice cream.
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You love ice cream. Brio loves you back
Brio Ice Cream - Vanilla Scoop

We’ve Hacked Ice Cream.

Made with calcium-rich, organic whole milk and real wholesome ingredients, Brio has 50% less fat and 40% fewer calories.

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How Brio Loves You Back.

Creamy, organic whole milk. Protein. Probiotics. Omegas. These are a few of our favorite things about Brio.

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Where to Find Brio.

Click to find Brio at Costco, better supermarkets and natural food stores or order it online for delivery straight to your front door.

Our Story

Brio Ice Cream - Our Story
Ice Cream Made Better - Brio Ice Cream

The Koss Brothers

Back in the 80s, twin brothers Ron and Arnie Koss revolutionized baby food by creating Earth’s Best Baby Food, the first organic baby food brand in the US.


Now the twins have moved on to reinvent ice cream. Welcome to Brio; it means “vitality” and it’s jam-packed with amazing nutrition, but you’d never guess it from the amazing rich, creamy taste. Moms love this better-for-you ice cream; kids of all ages can indulge without regret.


To create Brio, the Koss brothers assembled a team of expert nutritionists, plus two former Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor developers. Together, they started a revolution in the world of ice cream, where good doesn’t only describe the taste.


After helping grow a generation of healthy, happy babies, the Koss brothers have transformed ice cream into a healthier food with Brio. So grab a spoon and join the revolution. You love ice cream, Brio loves you back!

We’ve Hacked Ice Cream

Strolling down the ice cream aisle can be a sticky situation. The calorie and fat-laden ice creams go on and on; here’s a chocolate chunk, there’s another gob of cookie dough. Yet there’s little nutritional value to be found. That’s not food that loves you back.


Enter Brio, a totally new way to look at ice cream that scores on both the delicious and nutritious scales.


Made from calcium-rich, pasture-raised, organic whole milk, it’s a luscious way to add smart nutrition to your day. Each luscious serving of Brio provides you with 5 to 6 grams of protein. Brio also offers probiotics, antioxidant-richness and healthy omega 3s, yet it has 40% fewer calories, 20% less sugar and half the fat of super premium ice cream brands.


Brio can be anytime snack and a satisfying dessert, or even a nourishing after school treat for kids. Richly delicious and surprisingly nutritious, forget the regret, because Brio loves you back.


More good stuff, no bad.
This is ice cream with a mission

The Benefits

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Brio Ice Cream is mad with Organic Milk
Brio Ice Cream is made with smart sweeteners
Brio Ice Cream - Nutrients you Need
Brio Ice Cream - Probiotics
Brio Ice Cream - Smart Fats
Brio Ice Cream - Antioxidants
What Brio Ice Cream Left Out
Brio Ice Cream - A Guilt Free Everyday Treat


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