Photo Bookmarks You Can Make Out of Your Friends, Enemies & Frenemies

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It’s guest time here at Photojojo!

Please give a rousing Photojojo welcome to… all the way from Rochester, New York… our buddies from Kodak!

Photojojo: Hi Kodak, welcome to the show. And what do you have for us today?

Kodak: Well Photojojo, we’ve got a DIY bookmark you can make from your photos! When it’s done, it looks like you’ve got a person sticking out of your book.

Photojojo: Wow, okay, that sounds cool.

Kodak: Also, it has magnets.

Photojojo: AWESOME! We are so in!

So, without further ado, let’s…

Make A Magnetic Photo Bookmark

p.s. Wanna help out with the Photojojo Book? Send us your picture by July 18th and we might put you in the book! Click here to see what kinds of pictures we need.

Why It’s Cool

First of all, people are always complaining that nobody reads anymore. And you know why? Lack of awesome bookmarks. If there were more cool magnetic photo bookmarks, everybody would be reading all the time.

Second, you can mark your place with any friend, enemy or frenemy you happen to have a picture of.

And third, magnets! The bookmark holds onto both sides of the page using super-strong flat magnets. (We’ll take any excuse to play with magnets.)

What You’ll Need


  • a favorite photo of a whole person
  • an inkjet printer and photo paper
  • scissors
  • strong, flat magnets (we got ours from The Crafty Dragonfly at Etsy)
  • transparent tape
  • your adhesive of choice (glue stick, glue, or rubber cement)

Step 1: Choose a Photo

Choose a picture of a person that includes their entire figure from head to toe. A front-on shot works best. The background doesn’t matter much, since you’ll be cutting out the figure anyway.

Step 2: Decide What Back you Want

You can either keep the back of the bookmark blank, or have the same picture on both sides. If you want a blank back, find a piece of blank (or decorative) paper and skip ahead to Step 4. If you want a picture on both sides, go to Step 3.

Step 3: Make a Mirror Image

mirror imageFor a bookmark with a blank back, you can skip this step.

If you would like to have the subject on the back of the bookmark also, open the image in a photo editing application, duplicate it, flip it for a mirror image and print it out.

Step 4: Cut It Out

cut figure outFor a blank-backed bookmark, add a blank (or decorative) piece of paper to the photo of the figure and cut the figure out on both sheets. Leave the space between the legs.

For the bookmark with a front and back, cut the figures out separately. Again, leave the space between the legs.

Step 5: Add the Magnets

add magnetsNow flip both sides of the bookmark over so they are photo side down.

Place a magnet at the bottom of each figure and tape it in place. Make sure the magnets are taped down so that they attract one another, not repel.

Step 6: Glue It Together

glue backAdd glue to the back side of the upper one third of one of the figures.

Then place each side of the bookmark together, back to back. Allow the glue to dry.

Step 7: Mark Your Place!

finalTo use, place a side of the bookmark on each side of the page you want to mark in a book and allow the magnets to hold it in place.

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