Ky. boy, 6, dies after being attacked by dog

Ky. boy, 6, dies after being attacked by dog (Image 1)

A six-year-old boy who was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville Sunday evening after he was attacked by a dog in south central Kentucky has died.

Officials told Nashville's News 2 the child died just before 3 a.m.

Police in Oak Grove, just over the Tennessee state line, said the boy was visiting friends at a home on Linda Drive when he was bitten in the face by a small German shepherd.

“We heard some hollering, so I looked out and a man had a little boy in the back of his truck,” neighbor Sandra Cardona said. “He pulled him out and all you saw was blood on his head, his hands were red and the mom came out. She was screaming.”

Cardona said the boy's father and mother performed CPR on their child as other neighbors called 911.

“My dad tried to bundle him up [with a blanket] the best he could as they did CPR,” she said.

Oak Grove police said the child had severe injuries to his head and face.

The dog, according to police, was bought to help its owner recover from post traumatic stress disorder.

The dog's owner is an Army serviceman stationed at Fort Campbell.

“They had recommended that as part of his treatment,” Assistant Chief Cunningham said. “This dog was actually supposed to be trained to wake him up in the event he was having a nightmare.”

Investigators said the animal had never shown dangerous behavior.

“At no time has it ever posed any problem whatsoever toward the public,” Oak Grove Assistant Police Chief Major Dennis Cunningham said. “It never showed any aggressive tendencies toward anyone or even other animals.”

Animal control workers removed the dog and later put down the animal. The dog's owner voluntarily turned the dog over to animal control officers.

A man who opened the door at the house on Linda Drive referred our questions to Fort Campbell's Public Affairs Office.

The office confirmed that the victim's father is an Army sergeant stationed at Fort Campbell.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to [the family] for the loss of their son,” Lt. Col J. Frank Garcia said in an emailed statement.

“[The father's] company commander and a chaplain visited [him] at home this morning to offer their support and express condolences.”

According to police, the victim's family did not want their names released.

Nashville's News 2 is not listing the name of the child or his father in response to that request.

The investigation continues into the dog attack.

Charges were not immediately released, but police said the results of their investigation will be turned over to county prosecutors to decide if charges will be filed.

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