Low Volume Spot on Spot Dispensing


The video above shows the precision with which Preddator can perform low volume spot on spot dispensing. The video shows Preddator spotting out nine aliquots within each well of a 384 well plate and was done to highlight the incredible precision attainable by the system.

The work was done with Dr Steve Brown from the Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility who are looking for a system capable of low volume spot on spot dispensing to allow precise over-spotting of solutions onto Drosophila cells.

low volume the spot on spot of dispensingThe Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility was established in November 2008, as the UK’s first Drosophila RNAi screening centre, funded by the University of Sheffield, Biomedical Sciences Department, Yorkshire Cancer Research and the Wellcome Trust. The facility was formed to service the needs of research groups wanting to carry out high-throughput RNAi screens with Drosophila cells and to provide RNAi libraries and the specialist equipment and expertise to do such screens.

The Institute already has a range of liquid handling devices including Thermo Multidrop units but these cannot match the precision attainable on Preddator. The Institute has applied for grant funding from the Wellcome Trust and are hoping to purchase a Preddator in the near future.



Low Volume Spot on Spot Dispensing
Robotic Reagent Dispenser Preddator integrated to a PAA / Peak robotic arm
thumb3 Preddator S4 – block filling
thumb2 Preddator S4 – four channels, four different reagents. Sequential fill.
thumb1 Preddator S1 – filling Nexus Aurora Plate external wells
thumb0 Preddator – Redd&Whyte