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The Mars Mission: A Billion-Dollar Moondoggle? - Are the Rodents on Mars, or at NASA, JPL, Caltech? - Is Mars Made of Red Cheese? - Maybe the Movie Set Needs a Few Felines?

Are There Chinchillas on Mars?

By Christopher Bollyn

Updated June 3, 2013

A PHOTO FROM MARS – Is this photo proof that there is life on Mars? What do you see, a squirrel or a rock? Note the light fur around the eye and shadows under the head and the contours of the body. After spending untold billions to find evidence of life and water on Mars, why is NASA not excited about this photo from Mars? Why is the son of one of the managers of the Mars mission asking me to remove this posting?
Your "Chinchilla on Mars" posting is a needless, pointless, frivolous distraction that will damage your credibility… The "chinchilla" is a rock that has features somewhat reminiscent of a chinchilla… Please remove the posting, or at least mitigate it by saying that it is probably a rock. – Robert D. Pickar, San Pedro, California
(NB!: Pickar's father, Kenneth A. Pickar, is a professor at Caltech, the private institution that runs the Mars mission, and is on the President's Advisory Board for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the agency which is managing the mission.)

Pickar, who has close ties to Israel and worked at the Technion in the 1970s, is on the President's Advisory Board of JPL, the agency running the Mars mission.

A slide from Ken Pickar's 2010 presentation on Caltech and the Mars mission. The terrestrial rodent found in the "Mars photo" raises the obvious question: Is the Mars mission really on Mars, or is it a massive scam?

The most popular science story on FoxNews.com on May 29 was an article entitled "'Mars rat' spied by NASA's Curiosity rover." The Fox News article is about a photograph taken on September 28, 2012, by NASA's rover that is supposedly roaming around on the surface of Mars. The photograph clearly shows what appears to be a chinchilla-like rodent between a couple of rocks. The people who are running the mission to Mars should be ecstatic about finding evidence of life on the Red Planet. Instead of telling the world about the discovery of a rodent on Mars, NASA and JPL are clearly trying to avoid discussing this photo. This raises the question, is the NASA rover really on Mars, or is it simply roaming around the Atacama Desert in Chile or some other Mars-like terrain on Planet Earth? Having spent untold billions of taxpayer dollars on its mission to Mars, is NASA duping us about the whole thing? Just where did this chinchilla come from?

There are plenty of deserts, like this one in Nevada, that resemble the barren and rocky terrain seen in the Mars mission. Is the Mars mission a billion-dollar hoax?

After getting a comment asking me to remove the posting, I looked more closely into the nature of the rodent seen in the photograph. The person who asked me to remove the posting is Robert D. Pickar of San Pedro. His father, Kenneth Arnold Pickar of Rolling Hills (a gated enclave of Palos Verdes), is a visiting professor at Caltech. Caltech runs the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which is managing the Mars mission. Kenneth Pickar, who has been at Caltech since 1998, is on the President's Advisory Board for JPL.

JPL is a federally-funded research and development center, managed and operated by Caltech under a contract from NASA. In fiscal year 2012, JPL's budget was nearly $1.5 billion. (On average, Caltech, a tiny private institution in Pasadena, receives about $1.74 billion per year, more than $783,000 per student from the U.S. taxpayer.) If the highly-paid people who run the Mars mission are so concerned about my chinchilla posting, I had better make sure I have my rodents straight.

While I agree with the criticism that the animal may not be a chinchilla, it certainly does not look like a rock. The little fellow looks furry and has eyes and ears and a tail. It actually looks more like a white-tailed antelope squirrel than a chinchilla. The white-tailed antelope squirrel is a species of rodent commonly found in the deserts of California and Nevada. The first photograph below is from the Mars mission.

EXTRATERRESTRIAL RODENT – The desert rodent seen in the Mars photo, which I originally called a chinchilla, actually looks more like a white-tailed antelope squirrel, native to the deserts of California. (Note the painted blue rocks.)

The white-tailed antelope squirrel carries his tail up on his back, which is what the rodent in the photo seems to be doing. Is the Caltech mission to Mars actually happening in a desert in the American Southwest?


Kenneth Pickar's CV, 2005

Kenneth Pickar's presentation on Caltech and its mission to Mars, Monash University, Australia, 2010

"'Mars rat' spied by NASA's Curiosity rover," FoxNews.com, May 29, 2013

Original full size photo, NASA, September 28, 2012

White-tailed antelope squirrel, sibr.com, May 31, 2013

Life on Mars - David Bowie

Abel Danger has located an official NASA audio recording of rodents on Mars! Just like the magic cameras that shot all that believable Moon footage, it is amazing!

A transmission from NASA…


  1. Please keep spreading. Thank you. Get this out. They don't listen or answer to little people like me. Believe me, I ask them all the time via email, twitter.......no response. Thank you. Watch and read abeldanger daily

  2. By gosh I believe you are correct! This link at 20 sec shows a White Tailed Antelope Squirrel (found in arid regions of the southwestern United States and the Baja California Peninsula of northwestern Mexico) in a similar position as the "mars rat".

  3. According to the IRON MOUNTAIN report which is the blueprint for the Agenda 21 treaty , if the green fraud fails they intend to run the Alien hoax and waste huge amounts of money on space or fiction space . When asked in Australia where is the moon landing tape from Parkes ,they stated it was lost , of course that is what you would do isn't it? Lose the most important even captured in history if it happened ... They are so full of it . Everything they run is a scam including most of the non profits where they hide teir loot .

  4. Monash university is the most radical university ever , Melbourne’s Maoists:

    The Rise of the Monash University Labor Club

    1965-1967 http://www.lastsuperpower.net/Members/dmelberg/melbmaoists

  5. This is stupid.

    Thanks for making us look stupid admin.

    I will question ever bringing anyone with integrity to this website again.

  6. Aren't we supposed to be focusing on Fields objective an defeating the new world order?

    Take this fukin garbage over to David Ickes Forum where you can jerk off to it to your hearts content.

    You have lost the objective of the mission: abeldanger.net is OVER............

    And thanx for making me look stupid. I won't forget it.

    1. The orifice has spoken! haha

    2. You go "defeat the New World Order," big boy. Write back when you find the Eye! XD

    3. It would be wise here to assume that headline articles posted here would have been vetted by Field. Furthermore there is no reason to use foul language to get your point across. It simply emphasizes the lack of cognition on your part. If you choose to present yourself as anonymous, as I do, then you are bound to take full responsibility of "looking stupid" (your words). Nobody else on this forum has the power to do that.

    4. space cadets are dumb dumb dumb...

    5. The Mission is evolving Anon E Mouse, If there is life in Heaven , why not Mars? obviously you have never heard of a Marsupial Mouse which lives in Van Demons Land ,and is seen here on Satans former home Planet Mars. Ever seen all those Light emitting creatures that live on the bottom of our Oceans ? There is nothing New under the sun.
      With Love .

  7. Cognitive dissonance hard for people to get beyond.

  8. I clearly remember seeing it on TV when it happened , it looked fake then too . The trouble was the voice was in sync with the lips which could not happen given the distance and time for the signal to reach earth ..

  9. K-ron..One would think that Nasa would produce clearer photo,s if they wished to raise the public awareness . Google the U.N. flag and see whats missing. When you have the time, watch Capricorn One on You-Tube. If that doesn't raise some questions in your mind, google International Flat Earth Research.You will rage in disbelief at first, when they talk about the firmament, as described in Genesis and other places in the bible. What did Admiral Byrd discover on many trips to Antarctica ,where the public may not go without military escort. I believe our Creator has us in quarantine,and rightly so.

    1. First there was the limited hangout of Richard Hoagland's NASA disinformation (and of course Steven Greer's "Disclosure Project" with all those "military whistleblowers"). High-profile stuff – some healthy budgets and much Masonic wink-wink involved! When that failed to gain much traction, our overpaid space cadets in the alphabet agencies figured: "Hey, let's sucker the public with a flat-Earth revival! We've been dumbing down the physics and logic for years, so chances are plenty will fall for it."

      But it's actually pretty easy to disprove flat-Earth, so our spacefriends at bloated NASA will have to keep scrambling to cover their Ass-tronauts. (Drugs, hypnosis, mental programming are used extensively in the space agencies; plus the programs are highly compartmentalized, so it's likely that most people working in them have no idea how much they're being used by unethical people for unethical purposes.)

      "The spooks are running a very visible disinfo campaign on the Flat Earth, and a lot of people are being snared by it." –Miles Mathis, "The Earth Is Not Flat"

      Flat Earth Conspiracy 100% Debunked (Without Citing NASA) - CASE CLOSED

      The "Moon photos" in #10 are bogus (NASA can fake such pictures easily, employing visual arts professionals), but most of the logic here is sound:

  10. In the moon scenario whether real or faked both voice and video data would have been transmitted from the same location via radio travelling the same distance so even if they had been relayed as separate data streams they would arrive at the destination synchronously.

    This is BS :) "The trouble was the voice was in sync with the lips which could not happen given the distance and time for the signal to reach earth ..

  11. Rock. There are dozens of "eyes" scattered throughout the picture. What looks like a darker fur under the "eye" is in fact a semi-circular concavity in the rock. The formation that apprears as "the top of the nose" doesn't work for a rodent. Also what is perceived as the upper arm and shoulder is far too high to to support the rodent illusion. All of the shades found in "the rodent" are found elsewhere in the landscape. The illusion rock is between two stone of comparable size and the one of those that is in front matches in colors the perceived "fur" of the perceived rodent. The whole illusion is carried off by the eye, the nose, the two ears and the paw of lighter color -- but none of them fit the necessary proportions when examined carefully. How about getting back to earth and turning your attention to deflation, weather warfare, and organized crime in control finance, government, education and corporations. This is an easy mistake to make -- especially for people who have not been getting enough sleep.

    1. The rodent's color matches the rocky, sandy terrain? Yes, biologists call that "camouflage." You don't see it as a rodent? Fine.

      But you miss the point. NASA and JPL *are* organized crime, just as much as the CIA or Pentagon. Do you imagine that weaponized weather modification is unrelated to NASA – that they have no controlling stake in it? The rodent is a relatively minor point. Try this 14-part examination of NASA's Moon claims: http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/Apollo1.html

    2. "Hey mom! That 'rock' is eating a peanut!" ;)

  12. Seriously, who is defending NASA? Just look at famous Buzz Aldren Helmet photo, god how many sources of light, 3 shadows in different directions. Van allen radiation belts. Cannot get beyond. If we have so many satellites why is Google driving and flying over everywhere. If they used a satellite for mapping wouldn't area for MH370 been mapped out already? NASA lies.

    1. You're correct about lots of shadow-and-light elements in official NASA photographs that make no sense – except as primary evidence of their efforts to deceive the taxpaying citizenry. (Defund NASA bums!) Your other claims here are largely apples and oranges. Why is Google driving everywhere? To photograph street perspective, of course (and to gather neighborhood data for Zionist intelligence/military/police purposes? well, who owns Google?). One can't photograph ground-level perspective effectively from the air, right?

      The control freaks would drool over the prospect of a live 3-D simulation of all human activity on Earth – a 'global goyimcam'? – but of course those megalomaniacal klutzes will never have that, for reasons they would never comprehend. So it's best to leave paranoia to the criminal class who have earned it! And to keep activating more and better ways to expose, resist, and defeat the meshuga schemes of the Jew World Odor and their warped proxies. (Boycott Israel!)

  13. nasa folk are gonna have funding dry up quicker than a rabbit gets 😈👸👽💩 when the masses get their alarm... never liked space cadets...never will...

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  15. NASA...is "apparently" a Hebrew word meaning ......."TO DECEIVE $$$$$ !!!



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