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The Work and Trainings of Bill Bowen

Psycho-Physical Therapy (PPT)*, as taught by Bill Bowen, is an integrative approach to somatic based therapy. It is defined by the active engagement of the body as central to the psychotherapeutic process. This method synthesizes both psychological and body therapy concepts and techniques into one simultaneous process. A client's physical, mental, and spiritual issues are seen as parts of a complex interactive system, where all parts are inseparable from the whole. The body is viewed as a primary vehicle for the therapeutic process, where psychological and physical interventions are continuously overlapping. It is a unique way of working that differs from many therapeutic approaches in its emphasis on building somatic resources, its focus on the creative process, its direct use of movement, somatic patterning interventions, and hands-on-work. Psycho-Physical Therapy is not a diagnostic and pathology-treatment process. The heart of the therapy lies in the belief that clients have within them the source and capacity for establishing their own felt well-being. Psycho-Physical Therapy is grounded in understanding the importance of awareness, compassion, and kindness, which is balanced by clear theory, analysis, and skills. Workshops and professional level trainings in the therapeutic approach can be found on this website.

* Please note: PPT is a mind-body therapeutic and educational process. It is not a Clinical Psychology, Psychiatric, or medical based Physical Therapy.