The Rostock region as a pioneer in the process of establishing the regiopolis topic

© Silhouette Rostock, Fotoagentur Nordlicht

As the first regiopolis in Germany, the Rostock region takes over a leading role in searching for a new positioning of small cities in the German and European urban system. This is accredited to their special location and the important position in Germany as well as in Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania. Hence although Rostock is indeed characterized by its relatively large distance to the surrounding cities Hamburg and Berlin, it nevertheless remains of central importance as a toehold on the axis of Scandinavia and the Baltic-Adriatic. Furthermore it also holds a leading position for its own region.

The positioning of the Rostock regiopolis shows especially the willingness of local stakeholders to use the concept of Rostock regiopolis to discreetly station the region to externals, as well as promoting effective internal cooperation. The conceptual approach and the definition of regiopolis fell on fertile ground in the city and region of: the Rostock regiopolis is clearly one of the prototypes in the practical analysis of this new type of spatial and urban planning.

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