About us

Our Vision is for people affected by ADHD to live valued lives and realise their potential.

Who are we?

The ADHD Association was formed in 1977 and is a national, community based, non-profit organisation. We are committed to relieving the distress and difficulties families experience with ADHD. We are not government  funded and rely on contestable grants, sponsorship and membership fees to deliver our services.

If you need help please ask us:

National Co-ordinator: Marceline Borren

National Helpline: Diane Wellacott (contact Marceline for referral)

Marketing & Communications: Danika Dwyer

Board Members:  Darrin Bull (President), David Mairs, John Miller, Heidi Nilsson, Leeanna Kohn, Michael Schneider, Dr Sarah Watson, Chris Thomas, Brett Harrington.

Contact the Board.

How can we help?

Our Services include information and referrals, a library of books and DVDs, newsletters, helpline counselling, speakers and some local support groups (including an adult support group meeting monthly) 
Contact us for assistance.

A FREE inquiry pack can be sent out anywhere in NZ, and for $30 you can join the ADHD Association. This gives you an extensive resource pack so contact us now for more information.

Media Enquiries:

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

National Media: Darrin Bull, President of the ADHD Association

Local Media: Marceline Borren, National Coordinator of the ADHD Association

Our Values:

Integrity: Being reliable and honest

Commitment: Passion and dedication for what we do

Sustainability: Stewardship of resources

Innovation: Looking for individual solutions

Partnership: Working collaboratively with others in pursuit of mutual goals


Click here for information about children and teens with ADHD or see our information for ADHD in adults.

Or go to our FAQ covering the most common issues around ADHD.

ADHD Association Library:

We have an extensive library of books and DVD’s available free to members. Click here to see our catalogue.