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  • Advocates and parents are accusing Long Beach Unified of misspending money intended to help students with some of the greatest needs.
  • Donald Trump restated his promise to end Common Core, something he can't actually do as president.
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Trump reiterates a Common Core promise he can't keep, and gives L.A. schools a shoutout

President Trump on Tuesday reiterated an education promise he cannot keep during a town hall event for business leaders.

"I like the fact of getting rid of Common Core. Common Core to me, we have to end it," Trump said. "We have to bring education local."

The thing is, the federal government can't get rid of Common Core — because it's not a federal law or initiative. Trump was referring to the set of learning goals used by several states, including California, in an effort to make education more consistent nationwide and to bring more depth to classroom learning.

Although it's true that the Obama administration did promote participation in the standards, a group of governors and nonprofits created Common Core.

Despite the federal government's lack of control over states' curricula and learning standards, Trump has been telling voters he would scrap Common Core since he was on the campaign trail.

On Tuesday, the president also praised charter schools. "I don’t call it [charters] an experiment anymore," he said. "It’s far beyond an experiment."

And he cited Los Angeles as third on a list of cities that he said have bad schools, after New York and Chicago. "If you look at so many elements of education ...  the numbers in Los Angeles, the cities, it’s a very rough situation," Trump said.

Trump said education is a priority. "We're going to spend a lot of money and a lot of expertise, we're going to have great talent when it comes to education," Trump said. But as Education Week noted, Trump proposed a budget for 2018 that would cut education funding by about 13%.

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