Hi all! I like all things TeamSpeak. So I thought I could write an article on how you would install it on your Ubuntu or Debain server. A thing to keep in mind is I will try to keep the download link updated as much as I can but if […]

TeamSpeak3 Server Ubuntu/Debian Installation Guide

This is just a short guide on how to install youtube-dl and set it up to work with SinusBot. You may also want to read my SinusBot Installation Guide or my SinusBot Bootscript Installation Guide. But anyway enough blah blah, lets get into it!   First install curl so we can […]

SinusBot youtube-dl Installation Guide

This tutorial will explain how to install the SinusBot automatic starting script on Debian and  Ubuntu 15.04 and lower servers. Lets get straight into it!   First we need to install the dependencies. apt-get update && apt-get install curl screen -y   Next we need to download the script and change […]

SinusBot Bootscript Installation Guide

Hello there, this is my guide on how to install SinusBot on a Debain based operating system. You may also want to check out my youtube-dl guide or my bootscript guide (which automatically starts sinusbot for you). You will need to start by installing some dependencies. So lets run the […]

SinusBot Installation Guide