How do you make the biggest bubble?
  • A big bubble is a combination of water, soap and glycerine and the use of a big bubble wand.
  • Bubbles are formed when soap and water molecules bind together to form a sphere (ball) shape.
  • Bubbles like to be sphere shaped, so that the water molecules can stay as close together as possible.
  • Bubbles are held together by surface tension. Surface tension forms like a skin to hold the molecules together.
  • Water molecules evaporate quickly so you can add glycerine to bubble mixture to make bubbles last longer. Glycerine grabs onto water and stops it from evaporating so quickly.
  • To make bubbles bigger, you need a big bubble wand which can be made out of a lot of things like wire coat hangers, hoola hoops, even your hands.
  Did You Know?
  • The longest bubble ever made was 50 feet long.
  • Whatever shape bubble wand you use the bubble will still be round.
  • Water molecules in the bubble mixture evaporate fast so that’s why bubbles pop soon after they’ve formed.
Have a go at making your own bubble mixture. See which recipe makes the biggest and longest lasting bubbles.

Recipe One
1 cup water
2 cups dishwashing liquid
Mix gently then let leave to settle for 2-4 hours before using.

Recipe Two
1 cup water
2 cups dishwashing liquid
˝ to 1 cup Glycerine (you can buy this at a Chemist store)
Mix gently then let settle for 2-4 hours.

Remember, whatever you use as a bubble wand, it must be able to go completely under the mixture to make bubbles.
Try blowing bubbles using different things as a bubble wand. You could try using a funnel, or a plastic bottle with the end cut off (get an adult to do that for you), or even just your hands held in a circle.
What did the baby bubble call his dad?

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