What kind of people were looking for


Millennial  Right now, that means under the age of 35. We need young people.


Specifically, well look for people who will run on the following  issues:

-- A focus on inequality, raising incomes, and creating jobs

-- Pro-choice

-- Pro-health care for all

-- Pro-LGBT equality

-- Advocating for criminal justice reform

-- Believing that climate change is real, man-made, and our responsibility to fight

-- Pro-working families & organized labor

-- Pro-voting rights

-- Pro-immigration reform

-- Pro-campaign finance reform

-- Pro-gun violence prevention

We won’t serve as the “purity police.” It’s tempting to create a litmus test for more specific issues, but when working across the country, you have to take regional differences into account. A Democrat in Louisiana, for example, can’t emphasize the same thing as a Democrat in California. 

Ultimately, a Democrat who shares your basic values is someone you can apply political pressure to once they’re in office. As we’ve seen, a Republican will almost never yield.

Intending to caucus as a Democrat if elected  Our goal is building a bench.

Diverse  Our candidates will be at least half women, as well as men of color. More broadly, we’ll look for diversity of experience. We certainly need more LGBTQ Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and people with disabilities to run for office, and we also need more scientists, more teachers, more engineers, and more non-lawyers to run for office.

Connected  We’ll look for candidates who have roots in their communities. This is literally a measurable quality: How many Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter connections does a person have? How many contacts in their phone that live in their district still? How can we measure their possible influence in their district? We don’t want to convince someone to move home to run -- we want someone who calls a place home to step up and run.

That “X” factor  2016 taught us that who the candidate is matters. How well they communicate online and in person, how comfortable they are in their skin, and how “authentic” they can be are all important factors.

We’re willing to invest in good talent wherever it is.