How does the Internet work?
  • The Internet is a system that allows your computer to link with another computer to get information.
  • Your computer uses a modem and your telephone line to ring another computer called a service provider and make a connection.
  • The modem is like a telephone for the computer
  • From the service provider you can get information from computers around the world and.
  • To get to the Suzy’s World web site your computer will ring your service provider computer and it will allow you to access the Suzy’s World web site that I made on my computer.
  Did You Know?
  • The Internet can have millions of people using it at any one time!
  • www stands for World Wide Web.
  • When you use the internet you’re using a special computer code that lets your computer to talk to other computers around the world. It’s called Hypertext Transfer Protocol or http.
  • The nickname for using the internet is "surfing" they say you’re "surfing the internet".
  • Website addresses include things like or or which can give you some idea of which country the site is based in - nz is New Zealand, au is Australia and .com is usually for America.
  • Other parts of the address can tell you about the type of organisation it is like means the web site is a government site and
Make your own web site, without using a computer. A web site is just like a book. There’s the front page which is often called the home page and that usually has the title or name of the web site and a list of the contents or things you can do on the site.

So start with a front page - give your site a name and make it fancy with pictures or shapes and bright colours. Then make pages for the things you’re interested in. You might have a page for your favourite sport, your favourite TV show, or favourite things to eat. Design a page about you and your family. You could include photos, or pictures or collage pictures - in fact anything you want. You could even design a games page - maybe the sort of games you’d like to play on a web site. Make it as cool and groovy as you want and let your family and friends surf through it. Maybe they could even write notes on a back page like email letters!
Next time you’re using the internet at school, home or the public library look for the letters http and www. Remember http is the special computer code your computer uses to talk to other computers around the world. And www stands for the World Wide Web.
What kind of net would you use to catch an Inter fish?
An inter - net.

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