Blessingway Blanket (includes errata)

Inspired by a celebration for an expecting mother (read about it in the book!), this blanket in soft organic cotton wraps a baby in pure cabled luxury.

It works well as a group gift, since it’s designed to be knit in five pieces (so that friends, aunties, and grandparents can all contribute knitting time) and then sewn together. The pieces vary from a basic left-twist cable (realistic for a first-time foray into the world of cables) to a complex Celtic knot.

The Blessingway Blanket can be knitted by five friends with different levels of skill. (The pattern sections are graded by difficulty.)


The book should read:

On page 121, in the left-hand column, after working Row 39 and working Rows 18-61 of Chart C 4 times, work Rows 18-44 of Chart C once (not Rows 18-54 as stated).
On page 123, the fourth symbol down on the left of the key should read as follows: “Make 1 purlwise on RS, make 1 knitwise on WS.”
On page 123, in Chart C, Row 4, stitch #13 and #16 should be purl dots, and should be worked as knit stitches on the WS.
On page 123, in Chart C, Row 50, stitch #12 and #17 should be blank, and should be worked as purl stitches on the WS.