I would like to thank all of you for your spirit and intellect and energy in the Unity8 adventure. +Popescu Sorin, your videos of Unity8 have been the best way for me to see that dream take shape! I hope they continue to inspire desktop developers around the world. And the beauty of free software is that projects are bigger than people or companies.

Many elements of the code in the Ubuntu Phone project continue - snaps grew out of our desire to ship apps reliably and efficiently and securely, the unity8 code itself will continue to be useful for UBports and other projects. And the ideas that we have pushed for are now spreading too.

Finally, I should celebrate that Ubuntu consists of so many overlapping visions of personal computing, that we have the ability to move quickly to support the Ubuntu GNOME community with all the resources of Canonical to focus on stability, upgrades, integration and experience. That's only possible because of the diversity of shells in the Ubuntu family, and I am proud of all of our work across that full range.
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