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Business Services

Davis County
Business Services


Business licensing, food handlers permit, tax information lookup, property search, restaurant inspections, and more...

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Davis County
Residential Services


Inmate bookings, jobs, kennel roster, marriage licenses, passports, property taxes, pet licenses, and more...

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Davis County
Antelope Island

Recreation & Entertainment

Davis County is home to some of Utah’s most magnificent geologic scenery; Antelope Island, and the Great Salt Lake. Explore now...

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Davis County Careers.

It is our mission in the Davis County Human Resources Office to promote, through dedicated customer service, the recruitment, selection and retention of highly qualified employees who will effectively serve the citizens of Davis County; to promote a safe work environment for all County employees; and to provide employee benefits and services with courtesy and efficiency.

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Featured NEWS

Keep up to date with current Davis County centered News stories, programs, taxes, emergencies, and much more.

Eat, Stay and Play in Davis County!

Visit the Play in Davis Website! Visitors, businesses and locals alike recognize Davis County as a complete leisure, recreation and commercial destination; providing lasting memories and unparalleled opportunities for all!

New "ThrU Turns" in Davis County

Learn more about the innovative ThrU Turn road design helping alleviate congestion & headaches in key locations in Davis County.

Animal Control - Volunteers Needed

Are you interested in helping with outside adoptions, emergency response for animals during a disaster, animal training, grooming, and animal care? Visit the Animal Shelter to pick up an application or download the application.

Davis County Jail

Pay-to-Stay Reimbursement Program
Public Notice is given for the County’s intent to reimburse individuals who may have had funds unlawfully taken from their accounts for jail pay-to-stay restitution.

Reimbursement Form

Davis County Community

Davis County Community Development Block Grant 2016-17 Action Plan

CodeRed Emergency Notifications

CodeRED® is an emergency notification service that allows residents and businesses to receive notification of actual or impending emergencies in Davis County.

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Upcoming EVENTS

Keep busy with Davis County's upcoming events. (Click each photo for additional information)

Davis County Historic Memorial Courthouse Public Open House & Planning Charrette

Join us for a collaborative planning and design process! The Davis County Facilities Management Department in Farmington, Utah will host a public open house and design workshop regarding the future renovation(s) of the Davis County Memorial Courthouse and adjacent property.

Best Friends Society Pet Adoption

A super new spot to adopt! The Best Friends Society will be at the Legacy Events Center along with shelters from all over the state for this cat and dog adoption event. About 800 animals will be available with adoption prices starting at $25.

Great Salt Lake Bird Festival 2017

The Great Salt Lake Bird Festival is one of the most unique bird festivals in the U.S. The field trips are held at some of the most amazing wildlife areas in the world and are abundant with bird life!

FOCUS - Davis County 2017 Photography Exhibit

Stop by the Davis County Administration Building to view the awesome photography on display by local photographers. This year's theme is FOCUS. Photography will be displayed through September 8, 2017.

Cowboy Legends - Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival

The 12th Annual Antelope Islands' Cowboy Legends Poetry & Music Festival will be celebrating ranching history on the 'Island'. You are invited to step back through 133 years of Utah History on historic Fielding Garr Ranch on Antelope Island.