The Sheep Quiz

This is a little test to see if you can think like a sheep. So put on your lambs wool jumper, sheepskin slippers, grab a lamb chop, whatever it takes to get into character and get started.


You have just had a lamb, a sheep dog comes up to you, how do you register your annoyance?

Stamp your foot in a pathetic and not even vaguely alarming manner.
charge at the dog and head butt him till he goes away.
baa loudly while running away, leaving the lamb at his mercy.

You have just been shorn, bursting loose from the shearer you see three possible exits. Which do you take?

A door with a sloping ramp through which you can see lots of other sheep.
A window one metre off the ground through which you can see sky.
A person (if you don't see that as a possible exit then you're not even trying to think like a sheep)

You are wandering in your paddock when suddenly your back begins to itch in a most irritating manner. What do you do?

Whine and moan about how itchy wool gets when its wet.
Ask a friendly neighborhood sheep to scratch it for you.
Roll over on your back, scratch the itch, stay there till you almost die and wobble around the place in a lopsided and drunk looking manner when the farmer finally stands you back up.

You give birth to twin lambs indistinguishable in every respect. What do you do?

Get your self a nice little plot of paddock and raise a happy healthy family.
Head butt one of them every time it comes near while fervently protecting its twin.
Ignore the pair of them, they have funny noses, besides you never liked their dad.

A sudden cold southerly storm hits, no shelter is available. What do you do?

Sit down, curl up in a ball and look thoroughly miserable.
Huddle up with all your paddock mates circling to try to get to the centre, all the while looking thoroughly miserable.
Turn your bottom towards the rain and, of course, look thoroughly miserable.

It is late at night and you're about to have your lambs. Where do you choose?

The nice patch of hay under the trees.
Near all the other sheep and lambs so that the lambs will be well welcomed.
In a ditch, pond or any other patch of water.

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