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Woman sentenced to two years in state jail in son's death

Tyson Miller, 2, was killed in March by a pit bull.
By Isadora Vail

A Luling woman whose 2-year-old son was killed by a pit bull in March was sentenced Thursday to two years in a state jail.

Tyson Miller, Melissa Miller's son, was found March 26 mauled to death by a pit bull chained up in her backyard. An autopsy showed that the boy suffered significant trauma to his head and neck that caused him to bleed to death. The pit bull was later destroyed.

Miller, 24, and other adults in the trailer did not notice that the boy had been missing until they woke up after noon, she told detectives in the case. She said she had walked her daughter, then 6 years old, to the bus stop and went back to sleep, according to officials.

The day of her original sentencing, Nov. 12, Judge Todd Blomerth ordered Miller to take a drug test, which she failed. She admitted to smoking marijuana the day before and was immediately detained for violating the agreement she made while on pretrial release.

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