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What are discount coupons? A coupon word was adapted from French couper that means cutting, appeared in the English dictionary for the first time in 1821. Discount coupons became known in 1887 when Asa Candler mogul used as a marketing strategy for the launch of Coca-Cola by distributing vouchers printed in magazines that could be redeemed for free soft drinks in vending stands. This strategy is considered aggressive at the time, it was one of the factors that resulted in the success of the brand further. This was the first time in history that had news that coupons have been used effectively to attract customers and expand sales of a product. In the 30s, the use of coupons spread during the Great American Depression, for people seeking to find cereals and other products that were in short supply. From the 40's and 50 large supermarket chains and appliance stores began using coupons systematically reaching more than half of American households in the 60 Today the culture of coupons in countries like USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom is so common that there is even a TV show on the TLC channel called "Extreme Couponing" showing the routine of people who do everything to get accumulate coupons to buy discounted products. In Brazil the program is displayed at the Discovery Home And Health channel.
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