Business Profile

What makes a successful franchise? The answer lies in the willingness of a franchise owner to apply the tools and strategies made available to him or her by the franchisor.
Here is an overview of the characteristics applicable to successful franchises:

  • They prepare an annual business, sales and marketing plan.
  • They assure that their product and service mix aligns with the demands of their local market.
  • They stay current on technology trends that are pertinent to their business and their customers.
  • They keep a close eye on financials and make adjustments throughout the year when cash ebbs and flows.
  • They hire and continually train quality employees and themselves.
  • They consistently market to prospects and customers through various targeted methods including: direct mail, email, local Internet marketing, telemarketing, social media, website content, etc.
  • They have an outside sales person(s) who works hand in glove with the marketing efforts to assure leads are being handled. That salesperson could be the franchise owner.
  • They attend events sponsored by the franchisor to further their knowledge.

The advantage of being one of our franchisees is that we provide you with the road map, tools, and support to successfully match this profile.