“Jewish” Man Was Arrested After Spray Painting Swastikas On His Own Home

By Earnest Jones, The Goldwater · 03-22-2017
Photo credit: Podoboq | Flickr

A Jewish wannabe in upstate New York was arrested on Monday for spray painting his own home with swastikas and then filing a false police report.

The 55-year-old man from Schenectady will be facing a charge of falsely reporting a racist vandalism incident. This was after the police found out that he was the one who spray painted the three swastikas on his home.WRGB-TV reported that King had initially said that an unknown individual had vandalized his home on the 10th of February.The suspect was in Schenectady City lockup where he was awaiting to be arraigned on Tuesday morning.King is said to have been arrested on an outstanding warrant for harassment and threatening to harm another individual.

Schenectady Police have learned that King faked his own hate crime.

Police have also found other perplexing details surrounding the crime.

King may not even be Jewish as he claims to be. King had earlier on shown the messages of hate, swastikas spray-painted on the front of his Schenectady home to NEWS10 ABC back in February.

King appeared to be a proud man of faith. He expressed deep fear and concern during the interview. He said that he was concerned that the vandals may do more than that by trying to harm him.

The story has turned to weirdness as King was literary accusing himself. The Schenectady Police are now arresting King for falsely reporting the incident.

According to NEWS10 ABC Anya Tucker wanted to get some perspective from prominent Jewish leaders in the Capital Region.People who were close to King told Anya Tucker a crazy story that the sincere Andrew King is not even Jewish.The people revealed that he tried to convert several times but he was turned down by at least two congregations.

The individuals also cautioned Anya Tucker that Mr. King did not represent the Jewish community and that his actions could do more harm.King has made other claims suggesting that he got two black eyes from police officers who arrested him on charges that he harassed a county employee.

King’s public defender said on phone that King made the accusation in court on Tuesday morning. The man has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

Sometime last year, there were reports of anti-Trump and even Nazi graffiti emerging. This was after tens of thousands of demonstrators in cities across the U.S. took to the streets to protest President-elect Donald Trump’s victory.

Emblems of the Nazi Party were found spray-painted on the glass window of a building in South Philadelphia just hours after Trump won the elections.The graffiti included the words "Seig Heil 2016" as well as the word "Trump" with the T replaced by another swastika.The incidents appeared to be hate crimes since they had occurred on the 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht when Jewish-owned businesses and buildings were attacked and destroyed across Nazi Germany.

The Anti-Defamation League is an international Jewish non-governmental organization based in New York City. It expressed horror at the hate graffiti by releasing a statement on the unfortunate incident.It appears that King wanted to replicate the incident to express his frustrations for not having a chance to convert to Jew.


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