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Click above on the Prezi and learn how to make a book trailer

Quick tips about making book trailers

  • This is not a book report, it is an old fashion book talk.
  • Get really big pictures.
  • Use advanced searches for images.
  • Script writing and image searching go hand in hand.
  • Get the narration right.
  • Think end game - how am I going to share this?
  • Youtube, Schooltube, my own web or wikisite, school news.

Digital Story HANDOUTS - at bottom

TOOLS - to use when making trailers

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Teacher Workshop

This is the big picture above. Scroll down for a 7 part break down on how to make a book trailer. Although these instructions are created for the simple but classic Photo Story the basics can be applied to many video editing programs. The book trailers I create for the Sunshine State Readers are done with Adobe Premiere Elements 14.0 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC, while most students are using Photo Story 3 or Windows Live Movie Maker. If you are a teacher or adult wanting to learn video editing please click on the Teacher Tutorials and Tips.

Video Tutorials on Various Editing Programs:

Youtube version of student book trailer

examples with advice on right.

For schootube version go here.



Image by Brian Hillegas

Think: Get Your IdeaPick the right book.Watch other trailers and get ideas.Write down your narration/script.Get the basic book info for titles.Author/ Title/ Reading Level

Watch other student made trailers.
What did you like or not like?
Were the pictures fuzzy - narration too soft?
Was the image on too long? Story confusing?
Focus on just the main problem and characters.

Short sentence - 1 image.
Long Sentence - 3 images.



Image by Joseph Gray

Really Big PicturesSelect Safe SearchCopyright Free/ or modifications allowedNote the photographer& the url for photo [credit document]1280 by 720 or bigger [no smaller than 640 by 360]Search character:use the word portraitSave full size to your folder.Not the thumbnail.Import your pictures.Arrange the pictures.This part takes time.

See these other image sites recommended for reuse or public domain.CC Search more than one site

LIbGuides with Joyce Valenza
complete and up to date list

Use to get correct image attribution



Image by Ryan O'Beirne

Add Narration & Titles Import background colors for titles.Go to narration & type your script.You are matching pix to words.Do you have enough pictures?Try narrating in one setting.Use emotion. Is you voice loud enough?



Image by Salim Photography

Improve: Edit & FlowDoes it flow?Does it have focus?Enhance your trailer with editing.Import/ Arrange:Crop pix [if needed]Add a title:Add an effect Transitions - keep the same save dramatic transitions for dramatic part of script


music notes.jpg

Image by Jean-Remy Duboc

Lay down your soundtrackAdd Background MusicMake sure it is real low.Does it match the mood?Enhance the story?Other sources of background music
by Kevin MacLeod

Free Audio Music Youtube

List of free sound and music
complied by Larry Ferlazzo


Image by Allison Waffles

Take Another Look

Evaluate and RedoHit the preview button again.Check your narration.Customize your motion. NO DEAD AIRCreate your title frames.Redo - and yes if you move a pictureyou have to narrate it again.



Image by Ryan Baxter

Render Your Story and Share!Photostory will render in wmv format.This is fine for your own computer playback.
To send to video sites like schooltube or youtube you will need to convert to MP4 or * use Windows Live Movie Maker and choose recommended setting for this project.

Find out more about upload settings for video sites at Youtube encoding and formats.
Also read wmv upload tipsto youtube which will also work for other video sites.

Background on Book Trailers

Book Trailers are an excellent way to communicate the excitement of reading while promoting new or favorite books. Digital book talks or digital storytelling are examples of 21st century information skills in practice. You can make a book trailer using any film editing software. Photo Story 3, which has been around awhile, is highlighted here because its FREE and EASY for newbies to use. You can search for Book Trailers all over the web.

Student Made Book Trailers: Hints and Handouts

Look at our Student Made Book Trailers to get ideas. If you want to create a trailer with Photo Story 3 this program has been replaced. You can download from a third party and photostory 3 has worked with windows 7. An excellent guide for photo story come from David Jakes you can link to his guide. And the following Diplomat Created handouts will also help you get started. If you have created a book trailer and would like to add it to this wiki please email Michelle Harclerode , Media Specialist at Diplomat Elementary School at MichelleMH@LeeSchools.Net. Also check out the student blog about making trailers .Good Luck and have fun!

What I have learned about making book trailers :

  • Go explore book trailer sites to get inspired. They are out there on Schooltube, You Tube and book literacy web sites.
  • Search for pictures [unless you use your own digital stills, film or art] and create a folder for them.
  • Flickr Creative Commons is great to use for your pictures and most photos are copyright cleared with credit given.
  • Try using the Creative Common Search tools and remember to cite the image/video/ audio url
  • Think in terms of your main character and search teenage girl portrait, boy portrait or child portrait. Try to find more than one picture of your main character. Searching for your protagonist takes longer than object, landscape and even "feeling" photos.
  • Note who the photo is by to give proper credit. Also Flicker Creative Commons may not be available from the school environment.
  • Search for pictures 640 by 480 or larger. Google Images advanced search allows to search by image size.
  • Storyboard on your own or by using Photo Story 3 - which resembles a storyboard environment .
  • 30 , 60 or 90 second trailers are best - think of making a commercial for your book. This is not a book report.
  • Also think pacing and continuity. The book trailers on this site average 20 photos, with most photo duration times in the 2 to 5 second range.
  • Open your editing program and upload your pictures.
  • Use any film editing software, I suggest Photo Story 3 because it is free and easier to use with anyone who is new to film editing.

Photo Story 3 Tips : We still use photostory 3 [with Windows 7]

windows photo live has replaced photostory 3

  • If you are new to Photo Story 3,
  • I still prefer PhotoStory 3 with elementary students as you can create narration just on that image and the music library included.
  • The program has defaults built in -- 5 second durations and cross fades which work fine.
  • If you want more control just go into the edits and start playing around.
  • When adding narration -a dialogue box may appear asking to change audio settings - say NO each time - and you will be fine.
  • Narration is linked to each picture - so be ready with the record and stop buttons to avoid any dead air.
  • After you put your narration in - you can tighten up the photo duration by selecting customize motion under the photo.
  • Creating music is a great tool in this program and fun to use. Or download background music [free if you give credit] with Music by Kevin MacLeod.
  • Save the story is the last step. There are a variety of saving choices. Choose save for playback on computer with the 640 x480 size which is best for full screen playback. This will save it for playback in Windows Media Player.
  • If you want your video to be seen by a wider audience you might want to save your trailer in different formats for Mac users or to upload to Teacher Tube or You Tube. You can use Zamzar to change your file format or upload to another editing software. I have uploaded my photo story video [a .wmv file format] to Adobe Premiere Elements and quickly rendered and saved the movie to other formats : Quick Time.

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