Tophatter review

There are plenty of models which are used in the e-commerce industry.

The e-commerce websites is actually becoming more and more famous.

There are the different models in the e-commerce industry like the bidding model.

One such that has become popular due to the bidding model is Tophatter

It auctions variety of goods.

However, the options are pretty fast paced.

Most of the products are sold within 10 minutes.

Today we would be reviewing this very site.

Tophatter review:

many of the people claim that they have got the merchandise for a far less cost as compared to the normal shelf price whereas other people have commented that, they have not got the products and the site is actually not genuine.

Therefore, be actually look into the pros and cons of this website and find out whether the website is actually genuine.

1st we would be discussing the pros of the website.

1. Low cost:
this is the main reason why people would be opting for this website.

Even if you combine the extra shipping choice, you would understand that the overall cost would be on the lower side.

You need to also understand that many a times, you would be able to get quite useful products since products in many categories are always being auctioned on the website.

2. Multiple options:
at a single time, you would be able to take part in the multiple options on the website.

Also, different products are being continuously auctioned on the website and therefore you can be sure that you would be able to bid in the different products and if you’re not liking certain products, you can ignore the auction and you can simply go to the other option.

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This would ensure that you do not have to actually wait for the auction of the products which you like to start.

You would almost always be able to find some of the products which would be interesting to you.

3. Auctions would be over in a short period of time:
many of the people do not like to wait for days in order to find out whether they have on the auction or not.

Therefore, since the auction on these websites would be lasting for a pretty short period of time, you can be sure that you would be able to do right then and there whether auction in which you are making, has been warned by you or whether someone has beaten you to the auction.

Tophatter review4. Easy to bid:
when you’re looking into the bidding mechanism, you would understand that it is actually pretty easy to bid.

All you need to do is to just enter the bed and you would be able to bid instantly.

The signing process of the website is also pretty simple.

there have been many complaints from people who are used as website and therefore now we would be looking into the disadvantages of the website.

1. Improper product description:
even though the products which you are getting are pretty affordable but still you would be needing at least some kind of information about the products in order to better understand whether you want to get these products are not.

However, when you look into the information which is available for the products it is pretty limited and many a times, you might be getting on a product which you think is something else and when it finally gets delivered to you, you would realise that it is an entirely different product.

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2. Shipping cost:
when you’re just betting a few dollars, the shipping cost would not be affecting you much.

However, when you’re getting into a bidding war and after that also, the shipping cost is added you would realise that most of the discount would be getting eliminated.

In most of the discount is getting eliminated, there is no point in buying that product from that particular website.

3. Cancellation of the order:
many a times, when you’re winning the product at a very low cost, the seller would have the power to cancel the order.

Therefore, you might be thinking that you have actually won the auction but you would not be able to get any of the products.

4. Improper support:
when you’re contacting the support of the website, you would not be able to get from the support.

Also, the terms and conditions are pretty vague and therefore you will might not be able to easily cancel the order in case you want to cancel it yourself.

Also, if at all you’re able to cancel the order you would not be able to participate in the other options.

Therefore, only when you’re sure that you would not be participating in the other auctions, you can think about can selling your order.

5. No way to get the refund:
if the product was not as described, there would be no proper resolution method for you to get the refund.

The only proper resolution method which you would be getting in order to get the refund would be to contact your credit card company and have them reverse the charges. Apart from that you would not be having any other option to get the refund from the website and if you have not used the credit card for payment, you will not be able to get the refund.

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Therefore, you have to try Tophatter only when you’re having a couple of dollars to throw around all the product which you are bidding on is actually not very expensive. If you want to product as per your need, then it is not a good idea to bid on the borders because many a times, the specifications of the product which are listed on the product would not be actually matching the product which you are getting at your own. That is why, only for the fun of it, you can think about betting on the products on these websites but if you’re having the expectations that you would be exactly getting the similar product, you would be disappointed.