Mr. Gutierrez equates his relationship with ''Retrospective Exhibitionist'' -- which had its premiere at Dance Theater Workshop in November and returns on Tuesday -- to that of parent to child. ''Last year the kid was a baby, and now he/she's a toddler/preteen,'' he wrote in a recent e-mail message from Vienna, where he was teaching at Tanzquartier Wien. ''You still attend to the kid and you love the kid, but you also begin to learn how to let the kid teach you stuff.'' Mr. Gutierrez's mesmerizing solo was a handful as a newborn; one can only imagine what has transpired since then. The work, above, which probes the performer's relationship to the audience, contains nudity, but far more revealing is Mr. Gutierrez's baring of his mental and emotional landscape; a shifting, fragile terrain that seems to consist equally of bravado and vulnerability. That mix is part of what makes him such an irresistible performer, whether he's mimicking a tape of himself mouthing off at a panel discussion or following a set of unspoken rules in a section of improvisational movement. ''I won't tell you what I'm thinking because then it's no fun for me,'' his e-mail teased. Also returning to the Workshop is Mr. Gutierrez's ''Difficult Bodies,'' a dance for three women that, with ''Retrospective Exhibitionist,'' creates a performance diptych. As with his solo, Mr. Gutierrez would only hint at subtle but important changes that ''invigorate and underline the 'power' of the women in the piece.'' Powerful women or no, they also function as representations of Mr. Gutierrez, in all his dizzying forms. (Tuesday through June 10 at 7:30 p.m., 219 West 19th Street, Chelsea, 212-924-0077; $12 to $25.) CLAUDIA LA ROCCO

Photo (Photo by Julieta Cervantes)