The mission of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) is to acquire, preserve and make accessible knowledge and information from the Internet

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    CALL FOR PARTICIPATION Archives Unleashed at Apply by 17 April www:

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    ARCHIVES UNLEASHED 4.0: WEB ARCHIVE DATATHON 11-13 June apply today!

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    Spending Good Friday the way it should be – working with great R notebooks for collections.

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    Don't forget to sign up for 'Web Archiving Week' 14-16 Jun via and

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    My short article 'Breaking in to the mainstream: demonstrating the value of internet (and web) histories' now online

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    Release of Webrecorder Player, a desktop app to use web archives offline!

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    New blog post, mostly just context but aiming to start a new series — Digital Preservation: Lessons Learned?

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    👀 the helpful models, case studies, and ideas in the latest Journal of Western Archives

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    Going to London for the or the web archive conferences mid-June why not consider going there two days in advance?

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    We'll be celebrating it on 11 April from 14.00 onwards with presentations, workshops & a panel discussion

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    For the replay of our web archive collections we moved to tools: pywb and webarchive-indexing.

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    Can we embed web archiving as an automatic process of resource links management in Libguides? Seems a feasible thing to do.

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    Interested in Web Archiving & Digital Libraries? Submit to in conjunction with due: April 17th.

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