UFC superstar Conor McGregor was just granted a boxing license in the state of California, fueling speculation that he is gearing up to fight Floyd Mayweather. However, we think the Irish fighter might have his sights set even higher. Is it possible that McGregor wants to fight Muhammad Ali?

Consider the evidence. McGregor is the biggest star in the UFC, and Ali is the biggest star in boxing history. The viewership that a fight between the two men would draw would be enormous.

Who's to say it won't happen?

Who’s to say it won’t happen?


Of course, there are also several reasons that the fight won’t happen. McGregor has never fought a professional boxing match before. He’s also known for making outlandish statements and staging stunts to raise his profile, not to mention the fact the two are in different weight classes. Also, Ali is dead.

Still, we’re not ruling anything out. McGregor has defied expectations at every turn, and there’s no reason to think he’ll start now.

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