How do water towers work?

If you have noticed, almost all the amenities which we use file at some point of time or the other like the electrical system or the phone system or even the cable TV but the most reliable system which we have these days is the water system because if you are living in a normal geographic that is a plane carrying then you would find out that the water system almost never fails. The main pillar on which the water system in a city relies on is the water tower.

If you have seen around your city then you would find that there are quite a few water towers and each and every city which ensure that the city never runs out of water. In spite of the huge size of these water towers the way in which these water tower’s work is actually pretty simple and not complicated at all. Below, we would be going into the details of how to water towers work.

How do water towers work?

water tower diagram
If you have seen a water tower then you would have already realised that it is nothing but an elevated tank which is situated at a great type to ensure that whenever water is reaching from the water tower to the household in the area around the water tower the pressure is maintained as well. The more I did retains the greater would be the pressure of the water which is released from it. The pressure needs to continue till it reaches the taps into the houses which are in the area of the water tower.

There is always a specific relation in between the height of the water tower and the pressure which is present in the water and for each feed of height at which the bank of the water tower is situated there is an additional 0.43 psi pressure which is added to the flow of the water. While you might not thought about the flow which is needed in the water but a typical household tap needs at least 50 psi of water pressure. That is why water towers are situated at a great height.

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If you’re speaking about the water towers in a hilly region then you would realise that in most of the cases the water towers are actually replaced by a simple water tank which is situated at the which is at the greatest height because instead of building the pillars for the water tower and other mechanism you can simply place a water tank at the greatest height at the bigger hill and it would be able to provide you with the required pressure for the water as well.

The water tower consist of three components that is the tower on which the tank is placed and the second component is the tank and the third component is the pump which is used for circulating the water.

The tower height always depends on the type of pressure which you want to get to the water and the overall area to which the water tower supplies the water to end the relationship between the height of the tower and the water pressure is as we explained above.

The tank is the actual part of the water tower in which the water is stored and therefore the size of the tank actually plays a very significant role in determining whether the water tower would be able to cover the entire geographical area are not. If you notice the tank of the water tower then you would have generally not is that it is pretty huge. Generally speaking, a normal water tower would hold over 1 million gallons of water and to put things into perspective a backyard swimming pool halls around 20,000 gallons of water. Generally speaking the capacity of the water tower is to hold enough water for at least one day’s usage of the area which it serves.

One of the main benefits of the water tower is that the pump which is used can be bought according to the average consumption of the water in the area which the water tower soars and therefore instead of buying the pump according to the peak hour consumption of water you can easily buy the pump for the average consumption of water and therefore you would be able to save a lot of money as well because as the capacity of the pump increases the cost of the pump also increases astronomically. During the of time that especially during the night when the consumption of water is approximately nil the same pommes fills the water tank to its capacity.

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Water towers for drinking water:

water tower diagram

The arrangement for the drinking water is slightly different than the normal water towers and therefore we would be explaining about them separately. When you’re speaking about the drinking water supply for a small town you would realise that the water is taken from a lake or a pond nearby and then the water is treated with the help of the water filtration plant and this water is then feed it to a series of pipes which can take the water to the houses which are to be serviced by that particular water filtration plant.

The main feeding pipe is known as the primary feed pipe and to this the water tower is connected and if at a certain point of time the water which is generated at the output by the water filtration plant is more than the water which is needed by the area then it is pumped into the water tower by a series of bombs which only comes the extra water into the water tower. Now when there is peak demand and more water as needed by the area then the water can be extracted from the water tower as well and in such a way the water tower works as a storing mechanism for the continuous supply of drinking water.

Maintaining water pressure in tall buildings:

As we have mentioned about the pressure of the water which reaches your tab depends on the height of the water tower but these days there are tall skyscrapers which are being built and it is not possible for the authorities to build so high water tower so that you are able to get proper water pressure in the tall buildings. That is why most of the tall buildings which are being built these days are built along with their own water tanks at the top of the buildings and if you have seen the aerial view of the majority of the big towns then you would have already realised that all of these buildings have a water tank at the top so that they are able to keep the water pressure at suitable levels.

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Interesting facts about water towers:

cool water towers

Water towers can come in all forms and all sizes and it is not necessary that the water tower would be having the shape and the look of a large ball at the top because if you look at some of the more interesting water towers around the world you would realise that they can come in all shapes and sizes.

Another thing which you might not thought about is that the water towers and the presence of numerous water towers in your area would help you in bringing down your insurance premium as well specially the fire insurance because when the water towers are more it would be ensured that in case of a fire the water pressure is proper and therefore the damage would be less and therefore the number of water towers in your area would determine the premium which you pay for the fire insurance.

So, the working of the water towers is actually much more easier and much more simpler than other complicated water storing mechanisms and also they are pretty handy as well in ensuring that the water supply to any town or to any area does not break down ever.