How long do brazilian waxes last?

There are many different type of waxes which you can use to remove the hair from your body but if you look at the various types of waxes and then think of choosing one of your best option would always come to Brazilian waxes.

Brazilian waxes have become famous all over the world due to their enormous effectiveness. Brazilian waxes are typically used for removing the pubic here around the intimate parts.

As mentioned above, this type of waxing allows men as well as women wear swimsuits without displaying their hair. It is a very embarrassing situation if you Wear a swimsuit and your hair is on display. This scenario can be avoided with the help of Brazilian wax.

If you’re thinking that Brazilian waxing is only famous in Brazil then you are wrong because due to the enormous effectiveness it is now available all over the world and is used by people all over the world.

The main advantage is that you can easily eliminate the hair which is unwanted and this can continue for a long period of time and therefore you would not have to think about waxing again for a long period of time.

How long do Brazilian waxes last?

We do get asked this question a lot and therefore we have done some study and came to the conclusion that it is lasting up to 4 to 7 weeks before the hair starts to reappear again.

This range is derived based on a few factors which would help you in further predicting the time period for which the Brazilian wax can last.

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We would be discussing some of these factors below which would help you in further deter mining that in your case for how much time would the Brazilian wax last.

Wax lasting duration for the first timers:

If you’re thinking of doing the Brazilian wax for the first time then the body might not be accustomed to eliminating all the hair at once and therefore when you go for a Brazilian waxing for the first time in around 8 days you can feel the growth of the had to come back.

This is because after a certain period of time the hair stops growing on our skin and therefore when you do the waxing for the first time the hair which is just beneath the skin may pop out much more sooner since your body is not accustomed to being hairless.

As your body becomes more and more accustomed to waxing this period would increase.

Wax lasting after repeated uses:

As we mentioned above is your body becomes more and more reliant on waxing the period would gradually increase to up to 7 weeks. After your skin gets accustomed to waxing, during the waxing procedure the hair follicles would also be removed and therefore beneath the skin as well that would be very less hair and that is why the Brazilian wax would last for a much greater period of time.

When the follicles are remote it takes a much greater time for the follicles to grow back. In some of the cases the density of the hair is reduced as well because not all of the follicles which have been removed or replaced by other follicles.

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Types of wax which is used in Brazilian waxing:

There are a couple of options when it comes to the type of wax which can be used in Brazilian waxing and those are soft wax and hard wax.

The problem with Soft wax is that it is actually very painful because it pulls out all the which is above the skin whereas the hard wax does not cause so much pain because it breaks away the hair follicles instead of pulling them out and also attacked directly on the hair follicles and not just the hair which is up for the skin and therefore it last for a longer period of time as well and therefore instead of using soft wax which last for a lesser period of time and is more painful as well you should be always asking the salon to be using hard wax which directly removes the hair follicles and thereby makes the Brazilian waxing last for a longer period of time.

Impact of food and temperature on the duration for which Brazilian waxing lasts:

Many people might not have thought about this but the food which you consume that is the diet and the temperature which you are normally exposed to would also have a direct impact on the hair regrowth which you are having.

Normally speaking, when you’re subjected to a higher temperature that is to hot and humid conditions, the hair grows at a rapid pace but if you’re in lower temperature conditions than the hair would grow at a slower pace.

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If you ask any expert for their opinion on Brazilian waxes they would recommend it during the colder seasons so that it can last for a longer period of time.

The diet determines the nutrient which you would be having and therefore has a direct impact on the rate of hair growth. If you are consuming a diet which is rich in nutrients like omega-3 then the hair growth would be sooner.

In such a case, you would have to go for Brazilian waxing again after a relatively short period of time. This is because your diet would aid the hair growth on your body.

Age of the person:

This is another important factor which plays an important role in deciding what would be the rate of the regrowth of the hair and therefore in deciding for how much time would the Brazilian wax last. Since the body of younger people is more fit and healthy, it can grow hair at a rapid pace as compared to the body of a person who is older.

This simply means that if you’re younger than the Brazilian wax which you are opting for would last for a lower period of time where as if you are older the Brazilian wax which you are opting for would last for a longer period of time.

These are some of the factors which would have a direct impact on the duration for which the Brazilian wax lasts.