Doordash review

The number of delivery websites as well as mobile application’s are increasing rapidly.

This is because of the huge market of ordering food at home or at your workplace.

One such services known as Doordash.

Even though it is not a national service but in many of the bigger cities, you would be able to find the service.

Therefore, we decided to review the service and order food from it.

Unfortunately, the experience wasn’t up to the mark.

To stay tuned you to find out what our experience was with the service.

Doordash review:

We were actually working and had very little time for going out and ordering a meal outserlves. That is why, we try to use the service in order to get as a meal.

The 1st thing which you need to keep in mind is just because Doordash is a new area does not mean that it would be tying up with all the restaurants. This means that only a handful of restaurants would be available to its interface.

Therefore, you have to 1st look into the type of the restaurants and the type of the cuisine which they are serving and only once you have confirmed the type of the cuisine which they are serving, you would be able to make a decision about the order in which you want to place.

As we were not very hungry, we just decided to order a salad.

We also figured out that if we would order a salad, it would actually come pretty quickly.

However, we would be disappointed by the time which it would take.

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We quickly found out the restaurant in our area which would send us a salad and which was listed in the doordash interface.
After that, we placed our order.

One of the main advantages is that the Doordash interface would be actually providing you with the time period which it would be taking in order to get the order delivered.

In our case, it was showing 90 minutes.

Even though for a salad, 90 minutes is on the higher side but since we had already placed an order, we did not think about canceling it.

Therefore, we just decided to wait.

Even after the end of 90 minutes, the order was not delivered.

That is when, he decided to contact the delivery guy. For those of you who do not know, the number of the delivery guy would be listed after placing the order.

That is why, you would be able to easily contact them in order to communicate with them.

It was a bit difficult to get hold of him but once we spoke with him, we discovered that our order was just now being placed.

Doordash reviewHe kept on wondering what caused such a long delay in order to place the order.

However, we immediately contacted the customer care and Doordash.

When we came to know that another order was actually placed before our order and that was delivered 1st.

We decided to cancel the order and informed the same to the customer support but they declined stating that the order had already been placed.

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However, we were insistent on getting the order cancelled and that is why, we spoke with the different representatives and finally got order to cancel.

We also got a refund without any extra charges. However, the initial denial of the cancellation has actually put us off from trying out the service again as it is so difficult to cancel if anything actually goes wrong on there end.

As you can see, but experience was not that positive while using Doordash.

Maybe, that was only in our case but it wasn’t at all positive.

The feedback from others:
as we stated above, may be the negative feedback which we had was only in our order and therefore, in the other orders it might not be there.

We contacted the other people who had some experience in ordering from this company.

1. In most of the people stated that the order was delivered but it was late.

2. A couple of people also stated that the order was delivered but it was a bit mixed up and that is why, they had to call the delivery person again in order to fix the problem.

3. At least 3 people stated that the order was pretty delayed and they had to cancel the order like ours.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about using Doordash at all it is always a better idea to think about using it during the less crowded hours of the restaurant. When you’re able to do that, most likely you would be able to get the order on time.

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Also, whenever you’re ordering food from Doordash, it would be a good idea to only order if you’re not concerned about the time. Or if you’re ordering much in advance like in 2 hours in advance, then only you would be able to order from it. While not always, they might be getting delayed but from our experience with speaking with the other customers who have used it, delivery is getting delayed are actually a pretty big problem and happen at a high frequency.

Even though it is a affordable solution to get the fall down but you have to look into these disadvantages as well. After looking into these disadvantages, you had to finally make the decision whether you want to use Doordash.

Therefore, when you’re looking into the reviews of Doordash, it is important to realise that you had to take the positives into account and you had to take the negatives into a call. If you’re prepared to wait for the food or if you do not have urgent requirement for the food, then only it would become a much better idea for you to use the service like Doordash. Also, they are running promotions from time to time and therefore, you might be able to actually save a good amount of money if you’re prepared to wait for your food.