Comfortis side effects

If you have ever had a dog is a pet, you would realise how difficult it is to keep the fleas away from the dogs.

You might have thought about sanitizing your home environment but still, when the dog goes out, you would be finding that it is attracting fleas and when it comes inside the home they can enter your home as well.

That is why, you have to find out some other solution in order to keep the fleas you away from your dog.

They can easily cause infection as the skin of the dogs well as cause the problems as well and once they’re reaching your home, they can spread pretty quickly as well.

One solution in order to keep the fleas away from the dog is to use the tablet comfortis.

It has become pretty popular among the dog owners but one question which you would always be thinking about whenever you’re giving comfortis to the dogs or puppies for that is, whether it is having any side effects.

Today we would be speaking about the side effects of comfortis and whether you should be giving it to your dogs or not.

Comfortis Side Effects:

While it is predominately say for the dogs would in some of the cases, the FDA has received the complaints about some of the side effects as well.

We would be going over these list of the side effects as well and thereby helping you to take the side effects of your dog or puppy is suffering from one.

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1. Vomiting in dogs:
this is the most common side effect which is being noticed as well. After about 5 minutes of ingesting the tablet, the dog starts vomiting and start throwing up whatever it is heated as well.

In the vomiting is short lived but every time, you give comfortis to the dog, this can be one of the side effects as well.

Also, it is pretty clear when you skip comfortis in the vomiting does not happen that it was caused by comfortis in the 1st place.

2. Hyperactivity in the right after taking the comfortis:
Comfortis side effectsIf the dog is not able to settle down in a single place, that means that the dog is suffering from hyperactivity.

Such a dog would always be pushing your own to take him outside as well. The dog is plenty of space to go outside and run outside and therefore, it would be difficult for you to control the dog if it is suffering from hyperactivity as a side effect of comfortis.

In such a case, it might not be a good idea to take the dog outside because the dog might get out of your control as well and it would be very difficult for you to take the dog indoors until the hyperactivity period subsides.

3. Lethargy among dogs:
the side effect is exactly opposite of the above. That is why, Either the above can occur or Lethargy can occur.

When the dog is suffering from lethargy, they would not be moving around much and they would be just sleeping around all day.

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In most of the cases as well, the dogs would be sleeping for a longer period of time in each and every day but when this duration increases to almost the entire day, you can be sure that the dog is suffering from lethargy.

4. Unsatisfying hunger:
since the dog has been in your family for quite some period of time, you would be knowing about the normal appetite of the dog.

One of the main side effects of comfortis is that the appetite of the dog would be increasing significantly as well.

No matter what you feed the dog, the appetite of the dog would not be getting satisfied as well.

If this is happening alongside taking comfortis, you can be sure that it is one of the side effects as well.

5. Diarrhoea:
some of the dogs cannot digest comfortis easily and therefore they can easily suffer from diarrhoea as well.

6. Inflammation of skin:
this is the main function of comfortis is to kill the fleas which are on the skin of the dog, it can always be allergic as well.

In the dog is suffering from the eye allergy due to this, there would be inflammation on the skin of the dog.

This is another side effect which is pretty common as well.

Of all the side effects of comfortis, this one would be lasting for a longer period of time since it would be taking quite a bit of time in order to calm down the skin or soothe down the skin which is inflamed.

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7. Drooling by the dog:
the drooling can happen as a side effect of comfortis. It would be subsiding in a few hours but if it is happening again and again after taking comfortis, it is clearly a side effect of the same.

8. Excessive barking:
it is in the normal behaviour of the dog to bark on a regular basis. Normally, when the talks are at their home, they are normally pretty quite as well.

However, after taking comfortis if the barking of the dog does not stop, you would realise that it can be pretty noisy as well and it would be barking continuously.

This is not the normal behaviour of the dog and this is actually due to the side effect of comfortis. You might be thinking that this is no big deal but when the dog starts barking continuously even in the home, you would realise how disturbing it actually is.

When you’re noticing any of the side effects, it would be a good idea to stop the usage of comfortis for your dog. You can always ask your vet whether in such a case, you have to continue with comfortis or not.

Therefore, if you’re thinking that comfortis does not cause any side effects, you have to just go through the list above and you would be able to exactly find out about the comfortis side effects.