Does toothpaste expire?

These days many of the people actually practice extreme couponing.

In this type of shopping, you would be buying things in bulk in order to get a significant discount as well. People often buy the household item worth 6 to 8 months because they are getting a discount and they decide that they would be using these items at a later date.

However, at that point of time hardly to people think that they would be safe to use after that much period of time as well.

One such item which people are buying in bulk these days in order to avail the discount is toothpaste.

The crucial question now is whether a toothpaste can be used after about 6 to 8 months or not.

That is why, today we would be trying to answer the question does toothpaste expire?

Does toothpaste expire?

If you look into the classification of toothpaste by the FDA, you would realise that FDA classifies it is having the ingredients which are active.

This means that they need to be used up in a certain period of time within their expiry date.

If you look into the shelflife of toothpaste, you would realise that it expires after a period of 2 years.

If you look into the ingredients of toothpaste, you would understand that it primarily contains fluoride. That is because of this ingredient that it tells the shelflife of up to 2 years otherwise it would be having a longer shelf life.

The function of fluoride is to bind to the level of the teeth in order to protect them. After a certain period of time, they are not able to accomplish this function as well.

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Also, after a period of 2 years, the properties of the toothpaste which are independent of fluoride might be changing as well like the colour as well as the texture of the toothpaste as well.

Does toothpaste expireAlso, there are the benefits which are associated with the toothpaste might not be retired as well after a period of 2 years.

That is why, if you’re looking into the expiry date of toothpaste it is generally around the two-year mark.

How safe is it to use the toothpaste after expiry?

You would not be suffering from any of the side effects if you’re using the toothpaste after a period of 2 years but it would not perform the cleansing as well as other functions which it was intended to do.

Also, whatever benefits are guaranteed by the manufacturers of the toothpaste are not valid after a period of 2 years.

Moreover, you can easily suffer from the problems like tooth decay if you’re using the toothpaste which is more than 2 years old.

Therefore, you would not be able to take care of your dental health as well.

What are the other uses of an expert toothpaste?

Just because the toothpaste is over 2 years old, does not mean that you should be throwing it out because there are other uses of the toothpaste as well.

We would be discussing about some of these usages so that instead of throwing it out, you would be able to use it for those purposes.

1. Cleansing the kitchen sink:
if you look into the other ingredients of the toothpaste, you would realise that it would be consisting of silica and also it would be consisting of baking soda as well and both of these, then be used as the cleansing agents as well and therefore you can use a normal cleaning brush and you can apply the toothpaste to it and you can clean your kitchen sink as well.

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Similarly, you can use it for the bathroom as well.

2. Removing the foul smell:
most of the toothpaste companies would be advertising the toothpaste can provide you with fresh breath as well. Therefore, same property can be used in order to eliminate the foul smell in your home as well.

3. Cleaning the colour marks:
many a times, children also paint the walls with the crayon’s as well and scratch the crayon marks all over the walls as well.

You can use the toothpaste by applying it on a cloth or a brush and rub of these marks as well and the colour would be getting removed as well. If you try the other solutions, you would understand that these are very difficult to remove and therefore these colour marks can be easily removed with the help of the expert toothpaste as well.

4. Cleaning the ironing machine:
if you have been using the ironing machine for a pretty long period of time, there would be marks in stains on the bottom of it specially on the surface which gets heated up as well. This can be easily played with the help of the expert toothpaste as well.

You have to just make sure that the surface is entirely cool when you’re cleaning it.

5. Replacement of the leather polish:
you can use a small quantity of the toothpaste as a replacement of the leather polish as well.

However, if you’re not able to get the proportion right, then it would become difficult for you to remove it from the leather as well.

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After using it to clean the leather, you have to just use a slightly wet cloth in order to do better from the shoes as well.

Therefore, the toothpastes do expire after about a period of 2 years and that is why, you have to find out the other uses for the same if you’re having that much older toothpaste.