Why is there a worm in tequila?

Tequila has become famous all over the world and is the favorite alcoholic drink of many people.

The appearance of tequila is characterized in the mind of many, as a drink containing a worm in it but is it actually so in reality.

Many people are still confused whether their tequila should be containing of worm or not.

You might have seen the picture of the particular glass or the tequila bottle containing a worm.

The image of the tequila bottle containing a worm has become famous all over the world.

That is why, these days if people do not get a worm in their tequila bottle they get confused.

Why is there a worm in tequila?

The truth is that the bottle which is seen containing a worm is not of tequila but it is of another Mexican drink known as Mezcal. Since both of these drinks are made from almost the same ingredient, that is the agave cactus they are confused for one another.

The drink which you have seen with the worm is not tequila but it is Mezcal. If you look into Mezcal it can be made from any type of cactus but when you’re speaking about tequila, it is to be made from at least 51% of agave cactus and as the 51% increases to a more significant content, the quality of tequila also improves. That is why, tequila is completely different from Mezcal which contains the worm.

If you look into the worm which is present in the other drink, it is the worm which is actually present in the cactus plant and if the cactus plant contains that worm then it means that the cactus plant is infested and should not be used for making the drink. Irrespective of this, the marketing companies are actually using it as a marketing ploy to boost their sales.

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The tequila companies have formed a myth that the worm is actually having the power to boost the effect of tequila. Therefore, many of the people actually have tried consuming the worm as well but there is no relation of the worm to the boosting of the power in the drinks.

Also, the myths goes as far as saying that if you are able to find the worm in your glass then you must be lucky or something good would happen to you.

Why is there a worm in tequilaAlso, another myth is that when you are having the worm in the bottle it means that the worm is actually absorbing some of the poisonous aspects of the drink which again is wrong.

The worm which is present in Mezcal is completely unrelated to tequila and does not have any special kind of powers and it was just used as a marketing gimmick by the companies producing and selling tequila.

In fact, if you look into Mexico from where the drink originated, it is forbidden by law to put this worm in tequila.

The 1st instance of the worm being seen in the drink was actually due to the mistake of the company which made the drink, the cactus from which the drink was made was infested with the worm sand due to which while making the drink they got packaged into the bottle of the drink.

This led to the manufacturers claiming that the worm actual properties due to which the drink was better. Worms were also ate Mexico at that period of time and therefore there was no problem in consuming the worms.

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Due to this, most of the people consuming tequila all over the world also expect a worm to be in their drink. Tequila does not come with a worm. The next time you are drinking tequila do not be surprised if there is no worm in the drink. It is just a myth.

If you want to drink authentic tequila, then it would contain less alcohol as compared to the drink which contains the worm but it is much better than that particular drink. The quantity of alcohol in tequila would be strictly dependent on the quality of the tequila which you are consuming.

If you look at the trade rules which the United States of America has with Mexico, then you would find that a worm cannot be placed inside a bottle of a drink which can be imported from Mexico to United States and therefore you can be sure that the tequila bottle would not be containing any worm.

Many of us would not like a drink with the worm and there can be no guarantee that there would be no side effects of consuming that worm. Most of the companies which include the worm inside the other drink, do not check the worm to find out whether it is safe for consumption or not and therefore there is always a risk involved even when you’re consuming Mezcal with the worm.

Also, not every type of Mezcal contains the worm and therefore the type of drink which actually contains the worm are very much limited when you look at the different type of drinks which are made in Mexico from the plant. Different drinks have different marketing gimmicks and this was just the gimmick for this particular drink and not for tequila.

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When you’re looking at any type of drink it becomes important that you look into the standard form of the drink and do not just believe in the myths and the marketing gimmicks. If you’re drinking tequila then it is important that you drink it without the worm. The worm was not the part of the drink in the original format. It was just a marketing gimmick. This was done to boost the sales of the Mezcal.

So, if you’re thinking of tequila then you can be rest assured that it can would not be containing any type of worm and it would just be containing the alcohol and the extract of agave cactus from which it is made and the worm is contained in Mezcal that too in some varieties of the drink and not all and it does not have any kind of properties or it does not enhance the drink but is just a marketing gimmick which was done to boost the popularity of Mezcal vis a vis tequila and that is why, people still confuse it with tequila and think that tequila has worm in it.