Does getting your nose pierced hurt?

These days more and more women are going for nose piercing in the Western world as well.Nose piercing is very common in the Eastern world but this trend is slowly spreading to the Western world as well.

There is a a lot of difference between nose piercing and ear piercing because ear piercing is much more common and also the healing effect of your body in the ear piercing is very much quicker as compared to nose piercing.

Also, the nose piercing is much more noticeable as compared to the ear piercing as well and that is one of the main reasons that more and more women are going for nose piercing.

Most of the women, who are thinking of going for the nose piercing have one question does getting your nose pierced hurt?

No one likes to feel the pain and that is why most of the women going for the nose piercing ask this question.

Does getting your nose pierced hurt?

There is some pain when your nose is getting pierced but you can minimize this pain by making sure that you get the entire procedure done properly. There are ways in which you can ensure that the procedure is done properly and for this you would have to consider certain factors which we would be highlighting below.

Choosing the right piercing studio:

This is the 1st factor which you need to check when you’re going for nose piercing and the right choice of nose piercing studio would ensure that you feel the least pain and that the entire procedure is done professionally as well.

Some of the states require the nose piercing studios to have a license whereas some others do not but one thing is for sure if you’re going to choose an piercing studio make sure that it is listed on the Association of Professional Piercers as that would mean that it is using all the standard practices. Before actually doing the piercing, you need to visit the studio at least once to have a look at the studio.

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The studio should be well lit so that the entire procedure can be completed without any hiccups. Also, you need to look at the way in which the equipment which is used for piercing is stored because if it is sterilized then it would be stored in sanitized bags otherwise it would be out in the open and you have to only choose the piercing studio which is using the sterilized equipment otherwise you run the risk of an infection.

The actual piercing procedure should be done by a professional who has a lot of experience and you need to ensure that proper gloves are being worn by the professional while the actual piercing procedure is being done.

Piece of jewelry which you want to be pierced:

Does getting your nose pierced hurtMany women make the mistake of going for plated jewelry. You need to understand that while plated jewelry can look good but it contains nickel and the problem with nickel is that many people are actually allergic to nickel and since they have not used such type of jewelry they have not used nickel before. When you start using nickel in the form of plated jewelry you would suffer from the allergic reactions. That is why it is best to avoid such plated jewelry.

The best option which you have got is to go for 14 karat or 18 carat gold jewelry but if that is more then your budget then you can also go for the steel or titanium jewelry since plenty of these options are available as well.

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The shape of the jewelry which you are using plays a very important role because you should be using a small ring or a stud instead of something much more fancy and much more bigger. You are ideally looking for something which can turn around if needed and that is only possible when you’re using a small piece of jewelry.

The best option which you have got is a stud instead of a ring. Also, the cost of a stud is lower as compared to the ring as well because the diameter of the ring can be pretty big and this would be both expensive and uncomfortable as well and therefore it is best to go with a stud.

Care to be taken during the process:

You need to always insist on a needle instead of a piercing gun because most of the piercing guns are only suitable for the ears and in most of the cases if you have chosen the piercing studio carefully they would not be recommending the gun either.

You need to be alert regarding the equipment which they are using, as whether they are using a needle which is hollow or whether they are using a piercing gun. You need to avoid piercing gun at all cost as nose is very delicate as compared to the ears.

During the process, there might be swelling on the nose and there would be some kind of leakage of puss as well and a little bleeding but this is normal in smaller quantities.

Although, the hollow needle might not be as easy on you as the piercing gun but it is the only way you can think about piercing the nose.

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Taking care after the procedure:

After the procedure, you need to inquire from the piercing studio regarding the process to clean the nose piercing and you have to follow this process at a regular frequency as advised by the piercing studio. As long as you are cleaning your nose piercing properly there would be no infections and also the problems of swelling and bleeding and the leaking of pus would be eliminated with proper cleansing as well.

You can also choose the after care option by the piercing studio and this would ensure that at least the 1st couple of times, the cleansing is done by the professionals and you would also be able to learn how to do the cleansing yourself as well.

Right after the nose piercing, up to a period of 7 days you can clean the area with antiseptic solution. Also you need to ensure that whenever you are touching the area you do so with clean hands. You need to avoid application of more pressure on the area till the healing occurs.

Till the time the healing is complete, you need to completely avoid applying cosmetics to the pierced area.

At the same point of time while removing or wearing the clothes, you need to ensure that there is no excessive pressure on the pierced area.

So, yes there is some pain which hurts during nose piercing but if you follow our above few tips you can easily reduce the pain which is occurring during the nose piercing.