How does gravity work?

We see gravity in action each and every day and you probably feel it each and every hour as well. There are numerous examples of gravity which take place each and every day. Every time you jump up you can come down that is because of gravity and every time you proper book goes down that is because of gravity and whenever you step on the weighing machine get the gravity. These are all some of the most common examples of gravity.

Consisting that this is actually a very important part of why our world is like it is, we know very little about gravity. Most of us just know that gravity can exist between two objects and attacked them towards one another. After the Big Bang it was gravity due to which the planets and the stars were formed. It is gravity due to which the moon is revolving around the earth. These are just some of the facts which we know about gravity but there is a lot of factors which are still unknown about gravity.

Gravity was explained by both, Newton as well as Einstein. Newton said that gravity is a force which attracts all objects to all other objects were as Einstein described it as being present due to the curvature of space-time whenever you are speaking about gravity you would be considering both of these theories because these are two quite popular theories which can explain gravity to some extent.

Gravity theory by Newton:

gravity by newton

Newton was the first scientist to explain gravity and to point out to the fact that gravity actually exists and the example of falling apple is actually pretty popular due to which Newton discovered gravity. For those of you who are not aware about this story, Newton was sitting under a tree when Apple fell on and this is what prompted him to think about why it failed downwards instead of going upwards are in any other direction.

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After a lot of research, Newton presented his theory of gravity which stated that gravity exist between all the objects in the universe and it is a force which attracts these objects towards one another and it is directly dependent on the distance between those objects in the Mass of those objects.

gravity equation

The equation which Newton said fourth for gravitational force states that the gravity between any two objects is directly proportional to the product of the Mass of those two objects and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between those objects.

So, you can say that as the distance increases between the two objects the gravitational force decreases rapidly.

The Mass of the earth is pretty huge that is 6A+24 KG and since the gravitational force is directly proportional to the product of Maas between two objects, all the matter which is present on Earth is almost bound to the earth because of this gravitational pull of the earth.

The rate which we are having or the weight which any object is having is also a resultant of the gravitational force which is acting on that object.

This theory of Newton regarding the gravitational force was widely accepted until the theory of gravity by Einstein.

Gravity theory by Einstein:

gravity by einstein

Einstein was famous for the theory of relativity but theory of gravity was a part of the theory of relativity and this provided us with the alternative theory of gravity. This was very much different from how Newton had explained gravity.

Contrary to the theory of Newton, Einstein did not believe that gravity was a force but rather Einstein believed that gravity was a distortion representing space-time which Einstein called as the fourth dimension. It states that whenever no external forces impact the object, the object would be travelling along a straight possible line.

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Einstein states that if there is no external force acting on any two objects and if they are starting out is parallel they will continue to travel as parallel without ever meeting each other. If they are meeting as has happened after the Big Bang theory, it means that there is something acting on them. Einstein to mention is that they all light due to gravity but gravity is not a force in the gravity theory by Einstein but rather it is a curve in space-time.

According to Einstein these two objects which are set to go light are still moving in a straight line but since there is distortion in the space-time the straight parts which they are moving along are actually now spread eagle which meet at a point. Since, due to the distortion the straightest line now which is possible is a spherical line they would go light at a point.

Another theory is that gravitons are acting forces which caused objects to get attracted to one another but gravitons have never been scientifically monitored. Also, the gravitational waves or the gravitational radiation has not been monitored either. The gravitational waves are the ways which cause the objects to get accelerated towards one another simulating attracting forces. There is no hard scientific evidence of this theory.

So, the next time you jump up and come down now you know which forces acting on you or due to the distortion in the space-time, you are able to come back down. Whichever theory you believe in the gravitational forces exist and always our planet together and the things which are stationary as well as moving on the planet together. Gravitational force or distortion as it is called by Einstein, has been in action ever since the Big Bang theory and therefore whichever way you can explain it is fine, but you cannot deny it because it is what led to the formation of the universe as we see it today.

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