What does a chemical engineer do?

Chemical engineering is a very popular form of engineering and has been around for ages but still people are confused regarding what does a chemical engineer do?

There are various tasks which are done by a chemical engineer but all revolve around the basic principle of making the raw materials which are given to the chemical engineers into something which can be used by the common masses. These raw materials can be solids or liquids or gases and some of the times these raw materials are also in the form of plasma.

Needless to say they are preferred by the manufacturing companies and other such companies. Some of the designations which are given to the chemical engineers are researchers or product designers or scientists.

Chemical engineers are employed in a variety of industries and not just a handful because each and every industry does the task of converting raw materials into finished products.

We would be going into further details of the work of chemical engineers below.

What does a chemical engineer do?

As we mentioned above, the chemical engineers can work on many different fields and some of these we have listed below.

Research and development:

As the name suggests, in this field, the chemical engineers would be doing the research and the development of new products and the exact work which is done by the chemical engineers in this field would be dependent on the type of the industry in which they are employed.

Let’s say, the chemical engineer is employed in the textile industry then the job of the chemical engineer would be to create such a fabric which would be more sturdy and stronger and better looking than the current fabrics which are present. The chemical engineer would be manipulating the molecular structure as well as the state of the materials to make it more sturdy and beautiful as well.

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Similarly, if the chemical engineer is working in the automobile industry then the task of the chemical engineer would be to develop such surfaces for cars which can be more stronger than the current ones and which can handle a lot of stress as well.

Similarly, in the aviation sector the task of the chemical engineer would be something like producing a material through which the aircraft can be built which are lighter so that they can consume less fuel.

What does a chemical engineer doThey constantly work on the current products as well to make them even better by manipulating the substances which are used in those products.

Also, in research and development they are responsible for testing the new products as well for the tensile strength as well as the quality of those products.

Making control systems:

A chemical engineer can also help you in making the control systems for manufacturing unit which is able to handle the substances which are used for manufacturing properly and also the chemical engineer can also help you with the sequence of the control systems to ensure that each and every process is being done properly and the substances which are being used to make the final product are being added at a proper stage so that they are being converted into the finished product properly. Thus, to a certain extent the chemical engineer can help you in automation as well.

Innovation of products:

In most of the companies, chemical engineers are responsible for innovating a new product working in conjunction with the marketing team to find out the feedback from the customers and to innovate new features accordingly. Also, after the innovation, they work closely with the advertising and the marketing department again to bring out the product to the market and to explain the advantages of the product to the customers.

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These days, each and every company is trying to be more innovative than the other to capture the market share and in such a time, the ability to manipulate the substances which are used for making the product in order to make a better product is required by each and every company at some stage or the other and that is where the chemical engineers come into the picture.

Chemical engineers, routinely work with many other departments like the legal department as well as the finance department to ensure that the product which they are making or to ensure that the features which they are putting in to the product are actually feasible economically and legally.

As you can see, in most of the industries, where chemical engineers are employed they form a important part of the core of the organisation:

How to become a chemical engineer?

In order to become a chemical engineer, it is important that you have a graduate degree in chemical engineering or you can also go for biomolecular engineering and other such fields. You can also do your post graduation in a specific field to enhance your employment opportunities. These days with companies putting more and more thrust on post graduation, a post graduate degree would be a much better option for you rather then just a normal degree and there are a lot of colleges and universities providing you with this option all over the country and therefore, you would have to search a lot as well.

Responsibility of a chemical engineer:

In the initial stages, when the chemical engineer is not having a lot of experience, the chemical engineer would be given the basic task under the supervision of experienced a chemical engineer. As you gain more and more experience, more avenues of employment would be opened for you ranging, from consultation to companies all the way to research and development.

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So, as you can see there are various fields and there are various industries in which a chemical engineer can work and there are various types of tasks which a chemical engineer can be hired to complete depending on the capability and the experience and the type of education of the chemical engineer and therefore this field is having a lot of opportunities for you if you are thinking of pursuing a career in it.