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Why Tooke Products

  • Why Raw Tooke ‘Green East African Highland banana’ flour?

    Taste and Texture
    Matooke-a green banana has limited taste. When the Raw Tooke banana flour is added to your confectionery creation, it imparts a natural, wholesome flavor taste to the final baked product. Raw Tooke flour is light and fluffy, which ensures that you enjoy a softer and wholesome texture

    Economy of Raw Tooke flour
    Due to the high starch content of Raw Tooke flour, it allows you to use less flour than is often needed in everyday recipes.

    Less is more
    Because of the high starch content in banana flour it allows you to use less flour than required in your everyday recipes

    Gluten free baking
    The Raw Tooke banana flour has a granular structure similar to that of wheat flour, which enables the banana flour to have seamless marriage with wheat flour in confectionery products. Indeed, the banana flour complements other confectionery flours remarkably well, thus enhancing the quality of the final products. However, it is also important to note some Raw Tooke flour recipes do require the use of binding gums to obtain optimal consistency.

    Application in smoothies, soups and sauces
    Raw Tooke banana flour shall enrich your smoothie with nutrients; add thickness to your soups, sauces and the wholesome baby foods.

    Health Benefits
    Potassium – the Raw Tooke banana flour adds health benefits of 330mg per serving (1/4 cup), 12 bananas worth of potassium in every 250g pouch. All the Tooke products are full of minerals and vitamins. The Raw Tooke banana flour is processed from 100% matooke, the East African highland cooking banana mainly grown in Western, Central and Eastern Uganda.

    Resistant Starch – The Raw Tooke banana flour is one of the few foods that contain RS2, an important form of resistant starch. Resistant starch unlike normal starches, are not digested in the small intestine, providing numerous health benefits

  • Why Instant Tooke ‘East African highland banana’ flour

    Instant Tooke flour is pre-cooked and thus a perfect product in the preparation of soups and porridges.

    Instant Tooke porridge is easily digestible since it is processed from pre-cooked banana flour. Thus a child is able to obtain quick energy release after consuming it.

     Unique taste
    Instant Tooke has got a unique taste that enables the consumer obtain a new taste of porridge and also soups.


    Easily blended
    Instant Tooke flour blends perfectly with protein rich foods like milk, soy flour, amaranth, thus ensuring the provision of a balanced and wholesome meal to the consumer. It is also soft on the stomach, a very good food for the little ones. Instant Tooke also contains minerals like Potassium and iron