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Get two shows for the price of one!


“Bed” presented along side “The Closet”

Scroll down for further info on BOTH Productions.



Benefiting: WIN [Women in Need]
Produced by Renegade Theatre Troupe
Written by Dana Sumner-Pritchard
Directed by Nick Martin
Stage Managed by Courtney Cooke
Sound Design and Media Relations by Ariel Gitlin
Costume Designed by Anastasia Rutkowski
Lighting Designed by Elizabeth D. Reams
Set Designed by Christina Lockerby

“A young couple is in the throes of a life changing event that threatens to ruin their relationship. Both heartbreaking and hilarious, “Bed” asks us to examine what exactly would tear us away from the loves of our lives.”

Genre: Drama, One-Acts, Romance, Women’s Issues

This production features previous Planet Connections Award Winners:

Dana Sumner-Pritchard (2011, “Loose Women of Low Character,” nominated for Best Production of a Musical or Play with Music, and winner of the Greener Planet Award)

Man: Matt Brown
Woman: Dana Sumner-Pritchard

This is what “Bed” is doing for their charity:

“We will be writing about WIN [Women in Need] in our program and we will be collecting financial contributions for them at our show”

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The Closet

Benefiting: WIN [Women in Need]
Produced by LifeDream Productions
Written by Amy Gray Piper
Directed by Melissa Skirboll

“Ruth thought she buried her past, but in a series of conversations with her long-dead mother, she struggles to hold onto her illusions before being forced to remember the truth. We watch as her fragile hold on sanity slips away as she falls into the madness that gripped her mother.”

Genre: Drama, Experimental, One-Acts, Women’s Issues

This production features previous Planet Connections Award Winners:

“Hell Is Where The heart Is” (2011, written and produced by Melissa Skirboll & LifeDream Productions (Production had winner of Outstanding Lighting Design (Thom Fogarty) and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Play (Maureen Van Trease) and nominations for Outstanding Featured Actress (Colista Turner) and Outstanding Featured Actor (Joe Jones)


Maureen Van Trease (2011 Winner Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Play, 2009 Winner Planet Activist Award, 2009 Nominee Outstanding Overall Production of a Revival/Adaptation, 2009 Nominee Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play)

Susan McBrien (2010 Winner Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Musical, Play with Music, or Musical Event, 2010 Nominee Outstanding Ensemble in a Play, Musical or Evening of One-Acts (BJ: A Musical Romp ), 2010 Winner Outstanding Overall Production of a Musical, Play with Music, or Musical Event (BJ: A Musical Romp)

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This is what “The Closet” is doing for their charity:

“We will be writing about WIN [Women in Need] in our program and we will be collecting financial contributions for them at our show.”

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$18 General Admission
$9.00 for Film/Music Participants
FREE for Theatre Festivity Participants

Saturday 6/2/12 – 8:00pm = Performance #1
Monday 6/4/12 – 9:30pm = Performance #2
Thursday 6/7/12 – 6:00pm = Performance #3
Wednesday 6/13/12 – 4:00pm = Performance #4
Tuesday 6/19/12 – 6:30pm = Performance #5
Saturday 6/23/12 – 11:00am = Performance #6

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95 minutes

At Bleecker Street Theatre (Downstairs)

45 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012

Conveniently located near:

Bleecker St (4 & 6)

Broadway – Lafayette St (B, D, F, M)

Prince St (N, R)

This is what the artists collectively are doing to create an eco-friendly production!

Promoting walking, biking and public transportation to and from rehearsals, auditions and performances., Sourcing materials from organizations that either benefit charity or reduce/reuse waste (e.g. Materials for the Arts, Build-It-Green, Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.), Committing to sharing/borrowing materials vs. than purchasing new ones., Properly disposing of scenery, costumes, and props by donating, reusing and recycling where possible., Using minimal design elements., Adopting green habits outside of working on the show., Encourage promotion of energy efficient lighting and turn out the lights when not in use., Promoting the use of reusable water bottles, cups, plates, utensils etc., Properly recycle paper, bottles and other items., Reducing printing of script via sharing scripts, adding supplemental script pages or writing in changes when applicable., Printing double-sided, Printing on recycled paper., Encouraging online communication for the artists and reducing the amount of printed communications., Encouraging online communication for the use of audition materials, welcome packets, press packets, and any other correspondence with industry., Utilizing paperless marketing tools (e.g. website, blogs, facebook, twitter and email)., Recycling/re-using playbills/Festibills, Recycling/re-using tickets, Designing a one sheet, double-sided playbill., Printing playbills and postcards on recycled paper.,Encouraging car-pooling., Recycling design elements from previous productions.,  Will not purchase any new items., Avoiding materials with heavy fragrances or harsh chemicals., Maximize use of practical lighting.,  Using laptops or smart phones in place of some or all rehearsal drafts., Posting audition notices, songs and sides online.

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