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You can now download a copy of our tip sheet for healthcare providers, Tips for Providing Paps to Trans Men.

Campaign posters, postcards, and temporary tattoos can now be ordered through Rainbow Health Ontario! Click here for details. was voted Best Action Campaign in the TransGuys Community Awards 2010! Thanks so much to all who voted and congratulations to all the incredible winners and nominees.

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Trans man porn star Buck Angel  just released a "Public Cervix Announcement". You can see it here.


Paps matter for trans men, regardless of who we have sex with, how we have sex, or where we’re at in transition. If you have a cervix, you need a Pap. This site, developed by and for trans men and our healthcare providers, is here to provide more information about why you may need a Pap, and how to make the experience of getting one better. Paps are worth it!



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