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Sunday May 17: Comic tackles pig welfare

Published: 1:15PM Sunday May 17, 2009

Comic tackles pig welfare
Mike King, stand-up comic, TV frontman and we all know him as the face of the New Zealand Pork industry.

There he was with his trademark toothy grin encouraging all of us to get out there and buy pork. Well now you will hear a quite different message from Mike King. Now he accuses the industry he once represented, of legalised cruelty to pigs - thousands of them.

To make his point King goes undercover, with cameras to expose the  conditions in one large North Island piggery. Ian Sinclair with the story.

The Face Of Courage
Just the sight of Connie Culp used to frighten the kids. One even called her a monster. That was before she got a new face and before she became the first American face transplant patient. Her original face was obliterated by a gunshot fired by her husband. It smashed her nose, cheek and jaw, and took away her ability to see and smell. Now her husband is in jail and, thanks to a medical miracle, she is smiling again.

Forward To The 80s
It started in New York and now the Italian fashionistas are aboard. The collections, the look, is all about the 1980s - those aggressive fashion years; the return of the power suit. It was hip at the time but questionable in retrospect. Now, two decades later and in the middle of a recession, power-dressing in back in fashion.

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  • raymondo said on 2012-03-04 @ 20:55 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Lucy Lawless apart from being a recognised actress what is wrong with her having a personal opinion on a subject without being attacked because she is famous only the sun newspaper and TVone can do that see what the sun paper is going through.

  • Napoleon said on 2011-11-08 @ 12:03 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Regarding the son who assisted his mother to die - why was she not in a hospice where pain relief in most cases can asist one to pass away peacefully. Also Scott Sullivan - you are an amazing man and what an inspiration you are to many people fighting this disease. All the very best to you and your wonderful family Scott.

  • Napoleon said on 2011-10-31 @ 17:03 NZDT: Report abusive post

    I agree with the previous comments made on the story of the couple donating embryo. It's a bit like the secret adoptions of the 1960s when the birthmother did not have any contact with the baby she gave up for adoption and the adoptive parents did not have any contact with the birthmother. The reality is this couple need to move on and accept the fact that legally they are not part of their daughters life. Sad story though.

  • Greennz said on 2011-10-31 @ 12:47 NZDT: Report abusive post

    A person requiring a donor egg is usually at their last chance to have a child. However it is their child they want, and whilst the gift of an embryo is a wonderful gesture the donor really needs to remember this. If you view the embryo as your child then dont donate, if you view it as a chance for someone else to have a child then dont put conditions on it. I believe in honesty, tell the child there was the most wonderful help in having them, but that they are most definatley their child.

  • mike E said on 2011-09-11 @ 07:06 NZDT: Report abusive post

    What a gutsy and inspiring young man Josh Perry is. However, it is a bit disappointing that someone so inspirational expresses such superficial views as wanting a "hot blonde" girlfriend. Surely Josh himself knows what it is like for people to make superficial judgements based on appearance alone.

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