Welcome to the Clinic for Cats Veterinary Hospital

A quiet, reduced stress enviroment for your feline family members.

Full-service animal hospital in Nanaimo for cats only.

We are Nanaimo's only exclusively feline animal hospital that focuses solely on cats and their specific needs.

The Clinic for Cats Veterinary Hospital focusing on pet care for cats in Nanaimo and surrounding areas.

Provides a quiet, reduced stress environment for your feline family members and is a full-service animal hospital centrally located at Terminal Park Mall Nanaimo. Dr Catherine Maloney provides quality vet care to feline pets.

PHONE: 250-741-0770

Phone: (250) 741-0770 Fax: (250) 741-0771 Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Terminal Park Mall 1-1451 Estevan Road, Nanaimo British Columbia, V9S 3Y3


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