Global IT education leader, which features among the Top IT training companies, Tecfactory has played a pioneering role in taking computer learning to the masses. The company has spent time innovating, refining and fine tuning its offerings to suit the needs of students, professionals and employers. Our suite of education programs encompass every kind of learner—from a young person , to a student seeking a career in IT, to a professional gaining cutting-edge technology skills.

We have reach the market through our cutting edge technology which bridiges the gap between the individual who is seeking a job and the companies who are in hunt of the talent.

Corporate Training

Businesses grows by developing the skills and expertise of the most important assets in any organization .… people.

Research indicates that leading organizations prefer learning partners having a long-term strategic commitment to high quality training deliverance. We endeavor towards high quality deliverance and maintaining long-term association with our clients thus enhancing their human capital and in the process be a ‘One Stop’ Training Solution provider to the organization.

We help organizations to identify, devise, customize, and implement technology training solutions for the modern corporate environment thus allowing organizations to work with a single point of contact for all their IT Training / Recruitment needs. The Corporate Learning division is equipped to conduct Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and suggest the most suitable training programs to ensure optimum value to our clients.

We aim to enable our Clients to increase productivity and performance through their people. With our solutions we can work with our Clients to identify the individual and company wide requirements to deliver their requirements.

We have a team of quality people who have committed themselves to Result-Oriented Training / Services through Interactive Workshops and Events.

Academic Training

Tecfactory has been identifying and yielding raw talent throughout. Grown to serve & spread the word of education across to the masses. We have successfully induced the importance of computer education to the masses with strong base skills that will help them commute & use their skills to the fullest. In the recent project, we have decided to reach out to the young minds so that we can mould them with the perfect proportion of mindset & knowledge so that they can set out & accept the challenges thrown at them. We are approaching this study after a lot of research, so that the young can expect not just knowledge but lot of fun too. So, we have come up with a new project of providing Training to the Schools and Colleges in Soft Skills and also at the Technical part. And to help the students get better in today’s fast growing generation, we also provide lab facilities where they can learn and practice on a continuous note that will help them mould.

Tecfactory bridges the gap between the requirements of the industries and curriculum of the Colleges/Universities, by providing them with programs on advanced technologies and specific services. These Programs help the students to achieve the skills required to meet the industry standards..


Tecfactory has a first-class group of experienced professionals guiding our company and delivering our courses. Together, the team has many years of experience developing and delivering traditional and online courses in both academic and corporate environments. Our teaching experiences range from teaching at the university and college level, to delivering professional lectures, seminars, workshops and online presentations. As a result, you can be sure that your online experience is worthwhile.

Tecfactory offers online courses for IT and Non IT professionals. In the future, we’re planning a whole range of information design and authoring courses with the vision of being a world-leader in this market.

Online Courses

We help you to Learn step by step on your computer at your own pace. All courses run on PC or Mac and are taught by industry experts through means of CDs.

Copyright ® 2010 Tecfactory. All rights reserved.
Copyright ® 2010 Tecfactory. All rights reserved.

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