Tecfactory is a global training services company. It started its training activity in the year 2010. Our training focus has been on offering long-term career programs, and short-term courses in high-end topics in IT.

Tecfactory describes the core goal of its mission, Filling the gap exists between what students have learnt and what the IT Industry needs, Tecfactory is a relationship-Oriented Organization, we recognize that providing high quality, on-time, cost-effective solutions is essential, every time we develop these relationships.

Our Mission is to offer training that is highly industry relevant. Keeping to this mission we have continued introducing new programs in line with the growing demand of the Industry. Our training delivery model is reviewed and improved continuously. Our continuous effort in this area has yielded rich dividend and we are able to offer effective programs that benefit our customers. Today, Tecfactory is an established brand in the field of IT Training.

In the last one-year, we have expanded our training offerings and offered value added training by incorporating programs on specific business domains and soft skills training. Candidates who have undergone the business domain and soft skills training have been in high demand in the industry.

Tecfactory bridges the gap between the requirements of the industries and curriculum of the Colleges/Universities, by providing them with programs on advanced technologies and specific services. These Programs help the students to achieve the skills required to meet the industry standards.

The training Services are designed to bring out mutual benefit for the students and the institutes and as listed below.

What skills IT Company look for?

Copyright ® 2010 Tecfactory. All rights reserved.
Copyright ® 2010 Tecfactory. All rights reserved.

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