June 10th, 2008

Seattle Stitch N Pitch, August 7, 2008: we’re throwing out the first pitch!

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There can be few things more perfect than a summer night at the ballpark.

Stitch N Pitch with the Pirates

[photo by addknitter]

“You can’t experience it on TV,” I write in Knitalong. “You have to be there to understand. On a good day, a baseball game is a pleasure as subtle and fine — and unknowable to the uninitiated — as running your fingers through 100 percent cashmere.”

“You settle into your plastic seat while the sun is setting and leave the world outside of the ballpark behind. On the green expanse below, grown men in pinstripes and high socks fidget around a brown dirt track, pause a while to jabber and point, and occasionally toss a ball. No matter how much trash talk sounds from the stands around you, somehow the stillness of the summer night remains. This is a game with a different, more thoughtful pace. Plus, here, the hot dogs and beer come to you.”

And now, finally, after years of toiling in the minors, Larissa, Sebastian, & I are heading to “the big show.” Which is to say, we’re tentatively scheduled to throw out the first pitch this year at one of the biggest, baddest knitting spectacles around — the Seattle Stitch N Pitch. The first 3000 knitters buying knitting-section tickets will get a special event t-shirt, and if you buy tickets through Pacific Fabrics & Crafts, you can get an additional goodie bag of knitterly stuff to boot.

It’s traditional for authors to complain about the burden of promotional events, but I am absolutely not pulling that crap for this one. I will be there giving 110%. :)

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