Social Media Automation Tools To Get More Traffic, Followers, Clicks

Mass Planner helps you scale to new heights: you’ll make more money and grow your accounts faster.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram Automation

Schedule all your social media updates for future publish

Find perfect timing for your content with Mass Planner and post them on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Find and automatically join new Groups in your niche

Automatically find new Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn Groups in your niche, to extend your audience and attract new customers.

Automatically share your posts on Facebook Groups

Have your unique content automatically shared with the groups you’re a member of. This is a tested and guaranteed way to drive more reach and engagement to your posts.

Auto-Follow people in your niche

Find and automatically follow Twitter/Pinterest/Google+/Instagram accounts with Mass Planner based on keywords for your niche.

We don't advertise our presence on your posts

Keep your own voice on social media with our newly-available technology to build trust and long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Fast and Reliable customer support

We want to make sure you get the most out of Mass Planner and create impactful and relevant marketing strategies for your business.

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What our clients are saying?

“I could also give 10 of 10 for Massplaner and I tried a lot, I mean like all other stuff out there. Massplaner has the killer features and just runs totally smooth. There seems to be a high quality programmer team behind it. Everything works really good together and the support answers in seconds”

Marinella L. - Social Accounts Manager

“So far this tool is really impressive. I had a product I was paying $7 per month for that does not do 1/10th of what this can do!”

Shimofu - FB Marketer

“Thank you so much! Your customer service is excellent. I’m always bragging about your program – not only does it save me a ton of time each day but whenever I have a problem you always solve it for me fast!!! ”

Kara J - Designer

This is a Windows based software, so you will need a machine running Windows to use Mass Planner.

For Mac or Linux users: you can either install a virtual machine or set up a Windows VPS. You can see a step by step tutorial here.

Mass Planner needs to run continuously on your computer in order to publish your content on specific times

To work properly, Mass Planner needs to run continuously on your machine. Alternatively, you can set Mass Planner on a VPS and it will work 24/7. See a step by step tutorial on how to get a free VPS for a year.

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It’s free for 5 days to test with full functionalities and you’ll soon discover how serious marketers seem to be super-humans, when in fact they have smart tools like Mass Planner.

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