Last Will and Testament, July 22, 1755

In the name of God Amen. I Ephraim Williams of Hatfield in the County of Hampshire in New England, now at Albany in the Province of NewYork, on my march in the Expedition agains Crown-point, being of Sound & perfect mind and memory (blessed be God therefor) But not knowing how God in his Providence may dispose of my life, and remembring the uncertainty of it at All times, I do therefore make and publish this my last will and Testament in the following manner.

First I give my Soul into the hands of God that gave it, and my body to the dust from whence it was taken, humbly hoping for Pardon Acceptance and a Resurrection to immortal glory, thro the merits & mediation of a Glorious Redeemer, and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life, I give bequeath and Dispose of the Same in manner and form following that is to Say:

Item. It is my will & desire that my just Debts, and funeral Charges be first duly paid and discharged, by my Executors hereafter named out of my Estate.

Item. It is my will and desire, that the Deed I gave my brother Elijah Williams [to] my house and homestead at Stockbridge, and my note hand payable for one hundred pounds, in twelve months after my Parents decease, as Also his mortgage Deed And his bond to me be destroyed, & made of none Effect.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my beloved brothers, Josiah Williams, and Elijah Williams, and the heirs of their bodies my homestead at Stockbridge, with all the Buildings and Appertenances therunto belonging, with all the Stocks of Cattle and Negro Servants now upon the place, to be Equally Divided between them upon the following Conditions and not Otherwise. Viz. that they pay Annually to my Hond. mother for her Support twenty six pounds thirteen Shillings & four pence, and also provided, they fulfill the Obligations I laid my Self under, in a Certain bond to my hond. Parents for their Support and Decent Interment, exclusive of the money I there oblidged My Self Annually to pay her, provided also that they pay unto my Sister Judith Williams or the heirs of her body the Sum of One hundred pounds, and to my Sister Elisabeth Williams, or the heirs of her body, the Sum of one hundred pounds, and to the heirs of my Sister Abigal Dwight born of her body the Sum of One hundred pounds, to be paid them Severally within twelve months after my hond. mothers Decease. In Case my Sisters Judith or Elizabeth should Come to die without heirs, then it is my will that her or their part or parts Shall Devolve to the heirs of my Sister Abigal Dwight.

Item. It is my will that in Case one of my afors'd Brothers die without Issue, then the whole of the above bequest revert to the Survivor, and the heirs of his body, provided he fulfil the above Obligations laid on them both, but in Case both my said brothers die without Issue, then my will is that that the above mentioned the money be put Out to interest, and that the said Interest shall be used for Some pious or Charitable purposes, as the Propagating Christianity the Support of the poor in the County of Hamshire, or for Schools on the frontiers in the County aforesd. to be at the Direction of my Executors herein After named, and After their Decease to be at the Direction of the justices of the Sessions for the County Aforsaid. But in Case my Brother Elijah Williams should deny or refuse to Destroy the above mentioned writings as above directed, then it is my will he pay to my hon.d mother Annually for her Support, twenty Six pounds thirteen shillings & four pence and also the Sum of thirteen pounds Six Shillings and eight pence to my Brother Josiah