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RMX Remote for Android

RMX Remote for Android enables you to control your desktop media player (such as Nullsoft Winamp) from around the house using your Android Smart Phone. Simply scan this QR Code into your phone’s Barcode scanner to be taken directly to the Android Market for a free download!

RMX Remote Screenshot QR Code


RMX Remote Server for Nullsoft Winamp

1) Download gen_RMX_Remote.zip
2) Extract the ZIP file to your “Winamp\Plugins” folder
3) Launch Winamp
4) Windows Firewall may block network access to Winamp. Select “Allow access” to ensure that your Android Smart Phone with RMX Remote can still connect to your desktop computer.


RMX Remote Server for foobar2000

1) Download foo_RMX_Remote.zip
2) Extract the ZIP file to your “foobar2000\components” folder
3) Launch foobar2000
4) Windows Firewall may block network access to foobar2000. Select “Allow access” to ensure that your Android Smart Phone with RMX Remote can still connect to your desktop computer.
Windows Firewall Screenshot


RMX Automation v1.4

Older versions of RMX Automation are available via SourceForge. The source code for v1.4 is licenses under the BSD License, so that way anyone may pick it up and use it for either open-source or commercial purposes. This trend will NOT continue with the v2.0 codebase.


RMX Automation v1.5

Version 1.5 of RMX is being made available exclusively on this page as a BETA TESTING version of RMX Automation. This build includes KNOWN BUGS and INCOMPATIBILITIES with previously working plugins and 3rd-party software. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

New Features:
* Supports Foobar2000 v1.0

* RMX Automation v1.5 Media Edition (2010-01-29)
* RMX Automation v1.5 Stand-Alone (not available)


RMX Automation v2.0

Development has now officially started on a brand new RMX Automation system. Details shall be released once more of the system has been developed. All I can say for now is that v2.0 will become what we had always wanted RMX to be from day one. Universal integration with hardware and software is being made extremely simplier, with even more crazy concepts and ideas never once thought of before. Once of our top main focuses right now is the integration with newer Smart Phones, and all of the advantages they offer. The term “Automation” is finally truely being put into place, as more and more of RMX’s funtionality will be handled without any sort of user interaction. Keep checking back for more updates!

- Vince (lead software engineer)

  • Guest

    Hi, can you please re-upload rmx v1.5? the link seems to be broken

  • http://twitter.com/DarkainMX Vincent E Milum Jr

    Hey, thanks for the heads up! The link is now fixed.

  • Nikola

    Hey, is there any way to get the old RMX “general purpose control” which was in development before Automation? I used to have it but lost it in a crash. Thanks

    • http://www.facebook.com/DarkainMX Vincent Milum Jr

      “RMX Automation” is the same thing as “RMX General Purpose Control” – the project was renamed for simplicity but is the same core technology and feature set it has always had.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_63N6CAM7TQU53JZYGFHMBOMJ5A Anonymous

    Unfortunately RMX_Remote doesn’t work with the latest version (1.1.1) of foobar2000.
    Error message:
    Failed to load DLL: foo_RMX_Remote.dll
    Reason: This component is missing a required dependency, or was made for different version of foobar2000.

  • Guest

    Works great, very easy installation too.

  • Guest

    Works great, very easy installation too.

  • LoL player

    The biggest issue I have is that, its not possible to assign keys for playback order. I like to be able to assign keys for default, repat (track) and shuffle (tracks) on foobar. But when I attempt to assign a key for playback order on RMX, the drop down menu is empty; there’s no playback orders to select from? This is a big issue for me whenever I’m playing a game which blocks foobar’s vanilla global hotkeys (such as LoL)

  • LoL player

    Also on my laptop, the save / load doesn’t work :(

  • Kai

    I’m using Windows 7, Winamp v5.621, Sound X-Fi Elite Pro (Remote RM-1800)

    RM-X Automation (both v1.4 and v1.5) work unstable.

    The functions work great, but after I use Remote to control Winamp, the first time, Winamp crashed, and the second time, Windows crashed (blue screen).

    I recognize that older version of RM-X Automation is better (does not crash), but it doesn’t support Unicode.

    Please Fix in Your next version.

    • eart52

      Same issue here. Rm-x media edition works fine by itself… remote works too… but if i try to install both of them the same time winamp freezes (5.63)

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  • mtr

    Hey, i’m looking for “foo_RMX.dll” foobar component, or something that allow me to control foobar player by gamepad. Can You help me?