Director's Message

YMCA Camp Leif Ericson

Dear Camper Parent,
For nearly 100 years, our YMCA camps have given kids the opportunity to gain independence and confidence as well as learn new life skills.  Often kids at camp discover that making new friends is easier than they may have thought and the friendships that come out of the experience, both peers and staff, are some of the strongest allies they will have as they take on adolescence.  Campers realize that the perceptions of the kids at school are actually not what defines them as a person.  
We are proud that 98% of campers reported having made at least one new friend while at camp last summer.  In fact, the vast majority of these new friendships were made with children from other towns and schools. 
If you ask a camper what they like about camp, most of them will say something about being allowed to “be themselves”.  This is not by happy accident, this is a result of a carefully crafted culture that is accepting of all, diverse in nature, and built on the values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.
Nothing will do more for a young person’s self-esteem than allowing them to discover a “natural talent”.  A wide variety of activities and a culture that encourages trying new things makes for many opportunities to discover one’s own gifts.  We don’t aim to cultivate superstars, instead we work to help every kid find an activity that gives them enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment.
On behalf of all in our special community, we hope that you decide to enroll your child in camp this summer.  It will change their life in very meaningful ways.  
Thank you.
Mike Murphy
Executive Director
YMCA Camp Leif Ericson